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10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Podcasts have always become more and more people among those who like audio broadcasting on the internet. Podcasts are considered as great media to explore new things while deepening ones’ knowledge on their preferred topic. As a useful streaming medium, many people like to listen to this app. It is very easy and simple to use podcasts. What you need to have is only an android or iOS based smartphone, a pair of headphone, and of course the podcasts application itself. Due to the increasing demand of good podcasts application, many app developers have created solid podcast apps with various features.

Users have endless options of good podcast applications. Here are the top ten best podcast apps available on the market that can be installed for both Android and iOs.


If you look for a free podcast app, consider Podcast Addict. The feature of this famous free app is quite complete. You can enjoy live streaming radio, audiobooks, and an extensive library of podcasts. Moreover, there are some other features such as skip silence options and selections of playback speed. You can also connect the app with your favorite Twitch and YouTube channels. However, because it is a kind of free app, it contains some ads. That is the downside of this app. It is not a big problem, tough. There are not many free podcast apps like this available in the market.

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Pocket Casts is another popular app. It utilizes modern interface that offers great functions. You can set either dark or light themes for this app too, allowing you to make the app more personalized. This app is recommended for those who don’t have unlimited data as there is a feature where users can control their download preferences. So, downloads are not automatized here. There are many things you can do with Pocket Casts such as trimming silences between podcasts, making playback, and many more. The app also offers neat feature that enable user to sign in using any device. Therefore, this device is ideal for those who use multiple devices in a way that accessing the podcasts will be very quickly. The app is not free but it is not expensive. It costs only $4. There are always new updates released by developers so you can always get new features over time.


You may have used Google Play Music before. Since 2016, this app features support for podcast. The Podcast is available in a separate option. Because the Podcast is just a part of Google Play Music, the features are probably not as complete as other Podcasts applications. However, it is enough for those who love song streaming. There is various podcasts subscription and notification to ease you dealing with your favorite podcasts. Although the app is quite simple with not so many features, the podcast can be synced to various platforms and devices.



Podcast Republic is another free podcast app. Using the app, you can enjoy YouTube channels, audio books, and of course the podcast itself. Supporting live radio streaming, you can listen to any radios all over the globe. RSS feed and OPML files can be easily added to the app. The app also allows you to save your favorite podcast so you can enjoy it offline too. The good thing is that although the app is free, it has some great supports such as Anroid Auto, and Android Wear Support.



Podcast Go comes with basic features like numerous speed playback, podcast episodes download, sleep times, and many more. The design is quite delighful. Browing podcast with Podcast Go is very easy and simple. As other podcats apps, you can subscribe the podcasts you love without any problems. Because this app is free, the ads that appear may disrupt you. However, you can remove the ads only buy paying $2.99. This app is idea for beginners who expect simplicity.

6. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is actually not a new podcast app. It has been widely used since several years ago. You can upload your favorite podcast to sound SoundCloud directly. The only drawback of this app is that it needs time to search your podcasts that have already been upload. But after you successfully find the podcast you want to enjoy, there will be no more problems. The apps comes with delightfu interface enabling users to make tracks of their favorite poscast and it can be listened later. That is why it is a great choice for those who like to listen to offline podcasts.



CastBox is another option for those who expect a podcast app with simple and user-friendly UI. It contains some basic features but recently the developer added in-audio search feature that enable listeners to find particular contain only by either typing keywords or speak the keyword. So, it is good for those who have no idea what to listen.



Compared to other podcast apps that have been mentioned above, BeyondPod is actually a little bit older. Even so, it offers so many excellent features such as playbach speed adjustment, sleep time, restore, backup, OPML files import, and many more. If you want to read the RSS feeds, you can simply intergrate this app with Feedly. You can enjoy this app freely for only a week. After that, you have to pay for $4.99 to enjoy interesting features such as device syncing , flexible playback speed, and many others.


For you who look for a podcast app supporting offline download, Podcast Player is what you need. The app enables you to choose your own favorite genres and sync them to the wen and to multiple devices.



Just like the BeyondPod, DoggCatcher also belongs to old apps. Even so, the developers regularly updates the app so it always offers new features to users. The app is not free. You should pay $2.99 to enjoy the app with no ads and in-app purchases.

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