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10 Simple Tips of Hacking for Beginners to Learn

Hacking for Beginners

Are you looking to learn hacking for Beginners? Then it is a good decision of yours to come to this place. We all must note down that hacking is not an easy job to do. It requires a lof of skills and knowledge related to computer and its system. If you want to becomes the best hacker, then you must learn everything from the beginning. Some of you might have searched on Google about how to hack. Unfortunately, most of them always give results which are quite hard to understand. If you do need help, then you can check out our 10 tips of hacking for beginners.

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1. Start with the Basics

Previously, we have mentioned that you need to learn everything from the start if you want to become the best hacker. Learning the basics is really important, especially for all beginners. You must note that it is very difficult to do hacking. It is impossible to hack right away without any knowledge about computer and other related stuff. In this case, the things you have to learn are like firewalls, computer networks, network ports, network protocols, and many more. Once you have learned them all, you will know the basic of hacking techniques. If you want to learn it, you can try to find a good source for that. It will be hard to find one, but you will definitely be able to get lots of important stuff from it.

2. Learn the Correct Attitude

Knowledge of computer, network, and operating system are important to all hackers. But, those are not the only things we must learn. Make sure that you also learn about the correct attitude of being a hacker. As we know, there have been a lot of negative said attached to all hackers. Sure some people use this skill to do crimes, but it does not mean you have to use it in a negative way too. Not to mention, people who use hacking for illegal acts are not called as hackers like most people have described them. Those kind of people are actually known as crackers.

3. Build Up Your Ability with Hyper Text Mark Language

If you really want to become a professional hacker, then you must learn about Hyper Text Mark Language or simply known as HTML. All of the pictures or texts we find in a website are created through this language. Some of you might find it difficult to understand, but you will get used to it if you keep writing it. You can write it on any processing programs such as Notepad. It will slightly build up your hacking ability.

4. Be Creative and Unconventional

Hackers are known for being creative and unconventional. You must have those two characteristics as well in order to become good hacker. But, how to be like that way? You can simply think out of the box whenever you want things to get done. You need to remember that hackers have no specific rules to finish a job. In addition, there is no diploma course for such skills. Therefore, it is all up to you on how to get things done. You can rely on your experiences you have gained so far.

5. Use Hacking Skill for Justice and Equality

Let’s say you already have every package you need to become a hacker. So, what will you do next? Truth to be told, it will be the best for you to use it for a good cause. That is one of the most important tips of hacking for beginners to note. You can use this skill to help people who are in need. Or, you can use it to fight against injustice and inequality. For instance, you can hack some crucial information which is withheld by bad people. By doing this task, other individuals who are afraid to fight back will be able to raise their voice.

6. Use Your Skill for Corporate Job

Besides for helping people, you can also use hacking skill to work in a corporation. Some big companies actually would like to hire professional hackers with top-quality ability. The purpose is to protect company’s data from crackers. The only way to fight against them is by hiring other hackers. This will be a great chance for you to use the skills in a positive way.

7. Do a Project to Get More Computer Knowledge

Once again we want to remind you how important computer knowledge is. Besides learning it, taking part in a certain hacking project will help building up the knowledge. In this case, you can try to build your own computer. Without a doubt, this will require a lot of works to do. Yet, it will improve your knowledge about computer as well as its system.

8. Find Some Helps Via Online

Besides from books, you can also find some good information about hacking through the Internet. There are some online tutorials which can be very helpful for beginners. It is okay if you want to learn everything on your own. However, whenever you meet a dead end, you can get help by searching it via online. They may not be the best, but they are still pretty useful.

9. Keep a Log Book to Record Your Work

Hhacking for Beginners: Log Book to Record

Hacking for Beginners: Log Book to Record

When you are learning such complicated things like hacking, it is important to note down everything you got. This is the perfect time to make a log book. It will help you to keep a track of your work. You will also know your progress in accomplishing tasks in a certain span of time.

10 Keep Practicing

Just because you have become a hacker, it does not mean you simply stop practicing. Things can change as time goes by, and that includes technology. If you do not want to get left behind, sharpen your skill and knowledge through continuous practices. To get a better improvement, you can participate into some online hacking competitions. You can test how good your ability is and compare it with other competitors.

Those are all the tips of hacking for beginners from us. To conclude, hacking is not easy. You cannot simply master it within one day only. It is how much your effort and dedication are to hacking that determine how fast you can learn it completely. There is one last thing we want you to keep in mind. Please put what you have got to positive use instead of wasting it into something negative. Otherwise, you will deal with the consequences on your own.

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