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10 Tips to choose strong password

Usually, no person will like others reading their mail, opening PC with his password. Or logging into account secretly making changes to the account. You won’t like such kind of things. These things happen when you fail to choose the best password for mail or social account. Therefore, you should choose the best password and strong password to secure your account which is hard to crack. The more random is your password, lesser the chance to hack. The password which is short is vulnerable to attack.10 tips to choose strong password

A password is said to be weak if it is short or a nickname which is easy to guess. These weak passwords can be easily known by guessing or from dictionary words. A password is said to be strong if it is long and random which contains even individual characters. These strong passwords cannot be cracked easily and even can’t be guessed. Here are some tips to choose a strong password for emails.

10 Tips to choose strong password – Here we go

  • Choose a password containing a minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 14 characters. These are the recommendations you will find on many websites.
  • A Strong password should consist of a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. This combination is secure and difficult to crack.
  • Choose a strong password which does not contain any word from a dictionary in any language.
  • The password should not contain any traces of user ID. Because it is easy to guess that kind of passwords.
  • There should be a minimum difference of 3 characters between old password and new password. Try to maintain no relation between old and new passwords.
  • Please avoid using names, places, personal information like nicknames, address, birthday because these are easy to find out. So avoid using them.
  • Choose a great password-avoiding keyboard sequences like abcd1234, asdfgh.
  • Don’t append numbers to the word. These can be easily found.
  • Don’t write or store your password anywhere.
  • Finally don’t reveal a password to anyone.

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