360 OS – All you need to know about Android based OS

If you are an Android lover and a tech geek, you might heard about 360 OS in recent times. If you don’t know, I am here for you to make you know what is 360 OS.

360 OS is an Android based operating system designed in cooperation between Coolpad and Qihoo. Quihoo is a software company which has a great experience in power management and system security. This became the major advantage in developing 360 OS. These features added more strength to 360 OS along with existing customization and performance.

360 OS looks different when we look and compare with other operating systems. Here is a unique feature which sets 360 OS aside with others. That unique feature is uninstalling pre-installed apps. I think you are feeling wondered. But yes, its true. You can simply uninstall pre-installed apps and reduce your resource consumption. 360 OS is simply designed for security and performance and of course battery life.


360 OS – Some best features you need to know


As I have mentioned earlier, 360 OS allows you to uninstalling inbuilt apps and which you don’t like the most. 360 OS stands unique by providing this feature. By uninstalling this bloatware, you can speed up your device and optimize your phone for less resource consumption.


Of course, Qihoo not only focus on system security, it also provides enhanced performance with 360 OS. 360 OS optimizes your device according to your usage. If you are playing a game, all the other apps and games running background will be withdrawn and allows you more space required for the game. In this way 360 OS provides enhanced performance.

ICEBOX Feature :

ICEBOX is one more unique feature in 360 OS. Usually this feature is present in rooted android devices via third party applications. But 360 OS provides you this without rooting. ICEBOX feature lets you freeze unused apps preventing them to consume system resources and data. The time for which you want your app to be in frozen state can be customized and can be restored anytime.


Once you got an android phone, you search in google for a security application for your Android. But installing untrusted security apps don’t have sufficient permission to eliminate threats. So 360 OS provides you their own 360 Security application which eliminated threats and malware and protect your device. 360 Security is already available on Play Store. Have a look at features of 360 total Security.


360 OS simply tunes the CPU according to your usage. Designed with PowerXtend Technology. 360 OS optimizes picture processing for less power consumption. Comes with super saving mode which can run 3% of power for 10 hours.

Miscellaneous features :

Apart from above, the company provides Qiku cloud unlimited storage, 360 Free Talk. Withe 360 Free Talk, you can use 100 minutes per month to talk with any person using any phone.

Final Words :

From the features, one can say 360 OS is the best Android based operating system. But this OS is not available for normal users. This OS is pre-installed in QiKU handsets only for now.

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