5 creative gadgets for photography lovers

How you approached photography five years back is completely different from how you approach it now. There was a time when camera lens were always pointed the other side of your face but now they mostly face your face! Selfies are still a rage and almost every other person now owns a digital camera. While photography is not at all related to what equipment you use, there are some gadgets that can let you have fun while capturing pictures, improve your skills and show your love for photography to others. Moreover it never hurts to experiment and take the unconventional road to make memories.

Here is a list of five gadgets which you might love to shop for:

Camera phone lenses :

While DSLRs are indisputably the best equipment to shoot beautiful images, the real magic lies in your eyes i.e. how you view the scenario as. It’s not possible to carry cameras everywhere given the fact they take a considerable space in your bag and especially DSLRs. It’s not even practical at some places. Camera phone lenses are a great accessory to take good quality images from your phone itself. They perform well and are extremely easy to use. Buy one for yourself at affordable prices using eBay India coupons present on and also get the bonus of cash back.


Lens bracelet

Now photojojo will let you wear your love for photography on your sleeve. Say hello to the lens bracelet from Photojojo! These bracelets are a replica of your lens’ focusing ring. You can wear your favourite one by shopping from various styles. Select the camera and focal length as per your personality and flaunt it on your hands. One size fits all!


Camera USB drive

When you eat, drink and sleep photography, why not even make it multi-purpose to simplify your life? Don’t limit the use of your camera lens only to photography! Not store your pictures and other files in it too. This camera shaped USB drive has removable lens and a memory of 8GB. Set hurter aflutter of photography enthusiasts by flaunting it. If you are yet to become the owner of your favourite digital cam because you don’t have enough pocket money, let take over and provide you the best bargained rates through its paytm sale. Get additional cash back too from here.


Cloak bag

You know how there are moments when you see just the perfect beautiful sunset or some rare species of bird flying or any other random sight which you want to shoot but end up missing on capturing it just because you missed by some seconds for taking your camera out of the bag! It can be extremely annoying. But Cloak big, which is world’s first shoot-through camera bag will never let you miss on taking shots even at the most random timings. You can shoot a picture with it without taking camera out of the bag and without worrying about the safety of your camera. And it doesn’t even cost a bomb!

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The Bottle car tripod

It’s a must if you travel frequently solo and love taking full shots. Because really, it can be pretty embarrassing having to ask others to take more than 2-3 pictures of yours. Turn your bottle into a tripod instantly and get started on shooting your beautiful outfits in that serene location. Taking even group photos is now easier, thanks to it!



Hope you liked the gadgets.

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