7 reasons for Android hanging Problem

Smartphones are essential now a days and exists in almost every human hand. Smartphones are used for various day to day activities, for playing games and for business purposes. When we have a smartphone, we try to install numerous apps and games and fill the entire memory and have fun. Of the Android, Windows, iOS smartphones, Android Smartphones hang a lot when compared to Windows and iOS. There are many reasons for this Android Hanging issue. Many people think, the only reason for android hanging is lack of RAM and internal memory. There are many more reasons along with this reason. Here in this article, I am going to summarize 10 reasons for android hanging problem.

7 reasons for Android hanging Problem

Here are seven main reasons that cause Android hanging problem.

Lack of RAM

Yes. What you think is here now. The main reason for Android hanging is lack of RAM. RAM is Random Access Memory. For those who don’t know, RAM is the memory consumed when you are using an App or Game. It may vary depend on App. When you have more apps, RAM consumption will be more. If the apps are less, RAM consumption will be less.

Application Updates

The performance of App decreases on the low end phones with less RAM, when the app is updated. So if your phone has less RAM, and if you update apps, then your phone definitely hangs and performance will be low. Even when you have less RAM, and update the operating system, your android smartphone sucks.


Keep clearing cache of the applications used. Cache is nothing but temporary files, junk files stored in the app. If the cache increases, you android starts hanging and decreases performance. You can delete cache from “manage applications”. Select the application and tap on “clear data”. This will improve performance of phone.

Downloading virus apps

Download apps and games from Play Store or from any secure market only if you are not aware of apps. When you install apps or games from unknown source, some apps contain virus and it will hang your phone.

Installing applications on external storage

Don’t install applications on external storage. Try to install each and every application in internal storage. It help you using in application better way. It provide RAM space to application. First preference is given to internal storage. Try to migrate important applications to internal storage.

Connecting to virus effected PC’s

If you connect your android to virus affected PC’s and share files with them, your device also get effected with virus. This will hang your phone frequently. So don’t connect to virus effected PC’s.

Full of Internal and External memory

If your Internal memory and external memory are full, it will definitely hangs android device. So free up some space in phone and SD card, so that increases performance of your android.


Android Hanging problem is common in every android phone. The above are seven reasons which mostly result in android hanging.

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