8 Apps You Can Use For Offline Music Listening

Apps that let you Listen to Music Without WIFIi

Apps that let you Listen to Music Without WIFI or INTERNET

Listening to music without an internet connection is difficult. You may feel the need to change the music often, or you may get sick of your offline playlist.

Whatever the situation may be, you might need variety in music. And without an internet connection, you can struggle to diversify your musical options.

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Heck, you may even be looking to listen to music with an internet (intentionally). You see, the internet is quite distracting. You may be looking for additional productivity, not wanting to get distracted by social media and entertainment. Or, you may about to do chores that make your hands busy.

Fortunately, there is a method for you to stream music without an internet connection. In fact, you can follow this method for your Android phone too! Multiple apps allow you this function, and we’ll be mentioning them below.

You’ll need the musical options, especially if you’re going to be away from an internet connection for a long time (or you’re going to be travelling).

We’ll be mentioning 8 below, giving you options on apps that may suit you best! There are a lot of apps, so explore, and pick the one you find fitting!

(1) Google play music.

Free Offline Music - Google play music

Free Offline Music – Google play music

This is a well-known music streaming app, and is a must-know by any Android users. It’s actually the default app on many Android devices. It’s easy to use, and you won’t worry about time downloading apps and updating.

Through this app, you have over 50K song collections to explore. This app is easily usable through computers without problems. But more importantly, the app provides offline synchronize features with iTunes on iOS.

You should try this app as a first choice.

(2) Slacker Radio.

Free Offline Music - Slacker Radio

Free Offline Music – Slacker Radio

This is one of the most known music apps for streaming. You can use this to play music without the need of an internet connection. It’s also quite easy to navigate the playlists, and get quickly to your favorite music of artists as you see fit. Additionally, this app allows you to make custom stations.

The app is free, and allows access to tons of songs, in addition to many music stations for multiple mediums. You can get the music station on mobile, web, for car listening, in addition to consumer electronics. With Slacker Radio, you can also select stations depending on genres and artists you want to listen to.

(3) Spotify.

Free Offline Music - Spotify

Free Offline Music – Spotify

Spotify is one of the biggest music players on the internet. Many streaming platforms exist, but this one is a favorite of ours. It costs around $10 a month for a premium package, letting you sync songs and playlists for offline use. This feature is amazing, which you’ll always enjoy, especially if you’re looking for music to listen to while shuffling around.

This app specializes in maximizing functionality, allowing you to listen to songs and search for them better. Online or offline, you can get the songs you need. Online you can search for songs, but as for offline, you simply sync.

(4) Napster.

Free Offline Music - Napster

Free Offline Music – Napster

This is one of the internet’s most popular music apps. You can stream songs here for free. Downloading and storing the music you want is easy, where you have 40 million songs on the application. Searching the songs you want is simple, and you can enjoy them offline without paying too. Through this app, you can play as many songs as you wish, without worries about ads.

(5) iHeartRadio.

Free Offline Music - iHeartRadio

Free Offline Music – iHeartRadio

Another top streaming app, allowing you access to 800+ stations from all US cities. This is the nationwide app for music listeners. Through this app, you can create your custom station according to what you prefer from songs and artists. You also have seasonal organization of songs, so you can check that out.

iHeartRadio claims that it hosts over 18 million songs, with 400K artists on its stations. We find this to be oddly huge, but it seems to be a testament of their capabilities. There’s also the advertising part that is annoying, but regardless, you should enjoy the app with the endless music options.

(6) Groove.

Free Offline Music - Groove

Free Offline Music – Groove

This is number 6 on our list. Groove works on both the iPhone and Android. Here, you can download close to 85K songs in a day, with capabilities similar to Apple’s Genius.

This app can quickly access any user iTunes to create instant playlists based on your preferences. This is entirely 100% offline. You can even use it in flights on airplane mode.

(7) SoundCloud.

Free Offline Music - SoundCloud

Free Offline Music – SoundCloud

This a very popular music database on the internet. Here, you’ll find many and original works, in addition to some old music that you might enjoy. It operates initially online, so you’ll need a log-in. You can also combine it with social media, which is fancy.

An interesting feature here is that any artist can upload their music, whether small or local. You’ll find a ton of creative music on SoundCloud, so we recommend you check it out.

That’s not all though. SoundCloud isn’t just a place to get music. It’s a place to get podcasts too.

You might not be interested in music actually, and maybe looking to listen to something fruitful. In that case, SoundCloud is a good option for you.

(8) Musify.

Free Offline Music - Musify

Free Offline Music – Musify

You can store all your songs in a single place using this app. It also lets you operate well offline, by creating customized playlists and shuffling. But an interesting feature is that you can divide songs by country. This is something to always look forward too.

Streaming Music without an Internet is Important.

We mentioned 8 options in this article, and there’s a reason for that.

There will always be a situation where you’ll need music, but won’t have an internet. It could be anything from taking a morning jog, to working in an area far from an internet connection.

But music is indispensable. Not only is it vital for many of us, but it is relaxing. So be sure to get a streaming service for limitless music!

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