About Me

Hello viewer, firstly thanks for landing on DIGITAL STACKS. You are about to read and know more about me, who is behind this blog.

I started my first blog, which is waytotricks.weebly.com on Weebly platform in 2013. Till than, I don’t know what blog is. Once I started learning blogging and about computers, I started hating my academic subjects which are related to electronics. After learning few things about Blogging, I started AllPCStuff.in on blogger platform in 2014. I have not succeeded in monetizing in that niche and I sold the blog. But when I blogged on blogger platform, I learned some SEO skills.

After closing AllPCStuff, I started this Digital Stacks. I have earned good reputation from this blog. I write working computer tips and tricks, reviews, gadgets, tech tricks and news and more. Digital Stacks earned me more money for what I am working and also earned me reputation on Internet. My income sources from Digital Stacks are sponsored posts/reviews, Affiliate Marketing. To say truth, I have earned around $500 USD in 8 months, enough for what I have worked. Hope I will increase my earnings more and more after my graduation from 2016.

I am working individually on two blogs Digital Stacks and Windows Exclusive. I will increase my blogs after my graduation and I will be working as a full time blogger. I will have my own startup in upcoming year which is related to computers, blogging, app developing.

If you are interested in contributing to DIGITAL STACKS , feel free to contact me.