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Access any file from desktop using HawkScope

Do you know how to access any file right from your desktop? Yes, you can access files on your hard drive from desktop without opening My Computer. This can be helpful to make the file accessing easier. You will have a icon on system tray. You can access entire hard disk contents using this software. In one sentence this software can be called as cross-platform pluggable menu based launcher. This is a cross-platform software. Can be usable on Windows/Mac/Linux. Pluggable in the sense you have plugins to use to add additional features to the software. Menu based launcher in the sense, all the contents in the hard disk are visible in the form of menu when you press icon on system tray.

access any file from desktop mac

HawkScope on Mac O.S


What is HawkScope ?

HawkScope is the software, a productivity tool which allows access hard drive contents quickly from system tray.

access any file from desktop Linux

HawkScope on Linux

Features :

  • First primary feature is it is completely free and open source software from Google Code.
  • As earlier mentioned, it is cross platform software, available for Window, Mac, Linux O.S.
  • Pluggable : You can install plugins and add more features to the application.
  • Hide unwanted files and folders by adding them into blacklist.
  • Global hot key feature enables to launch HawkScope with keyboard shortcut without pressing the icon from task bar.
  • Navigate to each and every file from any partition of hard disk.
  • You can configure favourites.
  • Also you can change icon theme from available themes.
access any file from desktop

HawkScope on Windows

As I mentioned, the software is pluggable. These are the available plugins to download.

  • Open with Plugin : This plugin enables feature to change preferable open with application for a file.
  • Gmail Checker Plugin : Instant access to unread emails.
  • Twitter Plugin : Twitter client.
  • Googlescope plugin : Google search integration plugin.
  • Execute plugin : Plugin to execute system commands.

Download HawkScope for Windows/Mac/Linux from below links :

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For Windows 7/8/8.1 || For Mac and Linux ( Select your package )


How to install HawkScope ?

Installation of HawkScope is quite easy. Download the software from the above links provided. Install the software. After installation, you will get icon in the system tray. Just click on the tray and see the drives and start navigating to your required files right from desktop. Move to “Settings” and set a global hot key and access the application with keyboard shortcut. You can install plugins in ” Plugins ” tab.

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