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Adblock Not Working For Chrome – Steps to Fix

How to fix adblock for chrome when it is not working

When people go to the internet, they have specific intentions which they intend to find. As the most modern primary source of information, the internet is very reliable. However, when your browser is filled with ads soliciting you to buy the latest items rather than giving you the information, you need tools to block the ads. Many people choose adblock as the best plugin to block ads on the web pages they are visiting. For the best experience, they employ adblock plus or ABP which has the best features for this task.



Adblock and adblockPlus are both used to block ads on websites on the main browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. However, some users of this plugin have reported that it is not working. For example, ‘adblock not working is one of the phrases common with people using this plugin in. More so, adblockPlus not working is what the people using the paid version of the plugin search for. Here we focus on how to solve this problem for the Google Chrome browser which is the most popular browser at the moment.


After installing the adblock plugin, one should check whether it is working as advertised or not before going into the troubleshooting process. If you have bought yourself adblock plus for chrome, first visit a website that has ads when the plugin is not active. See the number of ads on the page. After that, activate the plugin and visit the same website and look at the number of ads there. If there are no annoying ads, you are good to go. If the ads are still there, or just a few of them are still there, then you are one of those ready to report with the adblock not working phrase.


Most searches with adblock plus not working will lead you to follow complex prompts to solve the issue. Actually, the procedure is quite simple. Fire up your browser and visit the same website with ads. Adblock plus for chrome should be blocking the ads. If you are sure the plugin is active yet the ads are still being shown, it is time to go to the next step below. However, some people have reported that simply turning the plugin off and on again may solve the issue. 


Click on the adblock icon on the top right hand side of the browser just after the address bar. The icon is a red one with the initials ABP in white color. After clicking it, a drop-down menu will appear with several options such as the adblock Plus logo, ‘enabled on this site’, ‘block element’, the number of ads blocked and the total number of ads on the site, the option to show the number of blocked ads in the icon, and ‘options’.Click on the last item on the list titled ‘OPTIONS” and marked with a cross of a spanner and screwdriver. If adblock is not working, the number of ads blocked on the page should be less than the number of ads on the page. If your “adblock plus not working” statement is wrong, the number should be equal to each value.


The window that will pop up will confirm that adblockPlus for Chrome was not working as desired. When you see the options for Adblock Warning Removal List and Easy List not enabled (they are under “Filter Lists”) you know that adblock was not working as desired.


To ensure that you do not report again with ‘adblockPlus not working,' check the two boxes with Adblock Warning Removal List and EasyList to make sure that they are enabled. After that, click on the Update now to update the whole plugin. You will realize that, when you check back on the same website, the ads will be gone. The trick is to simply update the plugin with the two options above being active. Otherwise, simply updating the plugin without checking the options will not do away with the problem you are facing.


You might be wondering, like many others, why having ads in your browser window is a normal thing. You might have wondered why the providers of the information cannot simply provide you with clean content devoid of the ads. The truth is that the ads are a way for the owners of the websites to earn money. The owners of the items and services in the ads pay the owners of the website to market them there. The result is annoying ads which will make your browsing experience hell. 


Adblockers such as adblock and adblock plus work by sieving out any information from other websites besides the one you are currently viewing. The creators of adblockers, however, do not remove the links inserted by the owners of the website such as those leading to other websites for further information on the same topic being handled by the current website. Your browsing experience is thus made smooth and even faster given that, with the ads, you have to load the graphics, pictures and even sounds that come with them. Adblockers are different from reading tools such as Evernote’s Clearly.

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