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Best alternative for Applock for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone, a trending and fastly growing operating system haven’t come up with proper SDK. Windows Phone SDK has some missing features. Microsoft may be wantedly removed them. Features include no API for developing Applock application for Windows Phone. Applock is mostly habituated application for those who migrated to Lumia from Android including me. Even though, there is no API for developing fully working Applock, some developers developed some partially working Applock for Windows Phone. These applock apps work for the app, only if they are pinned to start screen. These applocks failed to work when opened from apps list. Many users write reviews that applock is not working. It’s not developers problem. The main reason is Windows Phone SDK doesn’t support this feature.

Applock for Windows phone

Why, no applock for Windows Phone like in Android ?

Here is the reason, why developers cannot make a fully working Applock for Windows Phone. Android completely depends on open source Java platform. As we know Java is completely Object Oriented, Android is made to work for all types of applications made with Java. But Windows Phone is not on Java. Windows Phone works on .net framework. So some apps cannot be developed with present SDK. Hope Microsoft provides new SDK supporting more features.

What’s the best alternative for Applock for Windows Phone 8.1 ?

Windows Phone 8.1 denim update added some new features for existing O.S. One of them is Apps Corner. You can find this in Settings, if you have updated to Denim update. I can say Apps Corner is the best alternative for Applock for Windows Phone when compared to partially working Applock application in Windows Phone Store.

How to activate Apps Corner and make to work as Applock for Windows Phone ?

What actually Apps Corner does is, it gives people access to selected apps on your phone, so they get a customised start screen, when they use your phone. With this you can disable unwanted apps for other people, who are using your phone.

  • Navigate to “Settings” from the Apps list. Scroll down and find Apps Corner.

Applock for Windows Phone 8.1

  • Tap on that. Now you have entered into Apps Corner setup page.applock for windows phone
  • Click on Apps and select the apps, that you want to display on other start screen which is visible for other people.applock for windows phone
  • Now you are done. Launch the apps corner, when your phone is using by other people.
  • You can select more options from Advanced settings button.

All done. In this way, you can setup Apps Corner, which acts as best alternative for Applock for Windows Phone.


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