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Android is the most popular mobile operative system for smartphones and tablets, and it’s present in about 90% of mobile devices. Almost every Android OS user enjoys its vast collection of apps, especially games like clash of clans and candy crush saga, which are at the top of the available games. If you want to become an android game hacker in this post we will show you the most useful android hacking apps so you can get all of your favorite games.And it gets better, because none of these apps would need to have root access to your phone.

root games

root games


A great amount of apps force you to give them root access, root access can open a new wing of possibilities to use your phone or tablet to its maximum potential, letting you to have almost full use and control of your operative system,customization or app management. But this is a feature that is disable for a reason: if you don’t know what you are doing having access to all of your operative system you can end up messing things up if you touch anything you don’t understand and cause some trouble, hopefully, if you do it following a tutorial, that’s oftenly not an issue.


Despite all the advantages that this can imply, rooting your devices comes with a few downsides.The most important of them, is that rooting your device may result in to the cancellation of your device’s producer guarantee. Another of the reasons that makes rooting a device a risky move is the backdoor or harmful code possibilities within the rooting method or app itself, finally the main of the dangers and also the most feared scenario for a mobile device lover is “bricking” your phone or tablet, which means your device won’tbe usable anymore. When you don’t make a careful and clean process or commit some mistakesduring it, the result can turn into an expensive paperweight. If you don’t want to risk your phone or tablet you would be happy to know these alternatives we present for you.


SB GAME HACKER:  This app is an efficient modifier tool, and easy to use. It is very popular because of the size and simple installation process. It allows you to change status in your games like speed, lives, money, gems, god level, unlocking all the characters etc. depending on which game you are trying to crack. Its creators claim that SB Game hacker is the most successful android game hacker with a rate close to 99%.

This app seems to be high qualified by its user’s community as a good allied for the android game hackers who are looking for an all-terrain powerful and light tool without scarifying a lot of memory space.

We’d recommend you to get this app from their official website so your download will be as safe as possible. The most recent version at the official website is 3.6 version and is completely free.


GAME KILLER (NO ROOT VERSION): Game killer tool allows you to hack your favorite offline games, changing scores and coins without all the hard work that implicates. Unlimited lives, money, gems and achieving high scores to unlock features and buy new stuff will provide you hours of fun with your favorite games. Game Killer is well-known as a powerful android hacking app due the capacity to change and modify missions, characters and game controls on a big number of android games, it also let you choice the difficulty of your games for those specially hard missions or stages. Lots of people consider this tool as the most stable android hacking app.

With a friendly interface this app has two different versions, one needs root and the other doesn’t but both have a pretty simple installation process as well. The latest Apk version which needs no root is 3.11. We’d recommend you to be careful downloading this kind of apps, pick the most reliable website to do it.


CREEHACK: Creehack is an excellent app which you can hack your favorite android based games. It allows you to make in game purchases in addition to all the basic functions of an android hacking app. Cree hack gives you easy access to premium or paid in game features for free, as an unlimited number of free purchases and unlimited coins, gems, etc. It’s the most ideal app for android game hackers without rooting privileges required, and no survey forms either. Once Cree hack is installed, the only thing you need to do is open the app and tap on ‘Enable’. When running your favorite game, Cree hack will start running in the background along and it will synchronize with the game so you can buy anything you want, upgrade levels, gems, lives, coins etc. Plus, it works too with Pokemon Go. Terrific news for fanatics.


Before  you start testing of those apps in your phone, we strongly recommended you to make a backup of your most valuable information , photos, videos. There are tones of aporcyphal copies of these kinds if apps scattered all over the internet and many of them could be infected with malicious software or harmful codes.

If you have misfortune of running an infected apps your device may need a total reboot, if it is the case a backup of your stuff could save all ( or most of ) your infomation. make sure that your downloading source is reliable and you have the correct app version for your device and your operating system version too. follow all the tutorial instructions in the required order and if you have troubles following them at the official websites, there are plenty of videos tutorial on youtube, and the last but not least the most important recommendation enjoy !

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