How to choose the best Seedbox hosting platform

Finding the best, fast and most reliable peer to peer connection for transferring your data files isn’t that difficult after all. With a number of Seedbox hosting portals available online, all you need to worry about is to choose the best Seedbox hosting.

What exactly is a Seedbox?

A Seedbox can be defined as a dedicated, high speed server that helps in transferring data files. The trend of renting Seedboxes to achieve very fast torrent transfers is also quite prevalent in the present times. How would you know if you actually need a Seedbox? Well, ideally, you will need a Seedbox only if you share practically a lot of files and want the transfer to take place quickly, and then you should probably own a Seedbox. The benefit of using a Seedbox comes with avoiding ISP throttle and bypassing eavesdroppers that keep track of your activity online.

Based on customer feedback, you can choose from the following Seedboxes for your file transferring needs:


RapidSeedbox is among the most reliable and fastest peer to peer platform for file sharing that provides compete anonymity to its users. The 1G30 plan of the Seedbox is considered the top most popular choice. The shared Seedbox offers a space of 750 GB and a speed of 1Gbps.


This portal is known for its inexpensive services, excellent customer support and quick services. The platform also provides excellent payment mechanisms.


This platform is characterised by larger storage limits, good documentation and excellent customer support. The team is located in Canada.

Bytesized hosting

Based in Europe, the platform provides inexpensive file transferring services in an inexpensive manner.

How to choose the best Seedbox hosting platform?

Generally, Seedboxes make use of Bit Torrent protocols for the purpose uploading and downloading torrent files. Each Seedbox is connected with powerful and high performing networks and servers. The network throughput of each of these servers is so high and efficient that high speed data transfer can be achieved quickly. The files from the torrent can be easily downloaded on a Seedbox and after that the download can be continued on a personal computer via Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol or even rsync protocols.

Why exactly do you need a Seedbox?

If you are extremely fond of downloading and uploading high end data in a matter of few minutes, then a seedbox is meant for you. With a Seedbox, you can download an HD movie, practically in a few minutes. The transfer process is completely safe and secure, as your ISP cannot be detected by any service online. The seedbox stays running at all times, hence the user is assured of uninterrupted service. Most seedbox providers provide round the clock customer support to ensure that users can get uninterrupted services at reasonable costs. The services of these providers come with money back guarantees as well, so in case you find dissatisfaction with any of their services, you can get your money back.

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