Blackberry 8700G and its competition

Blackberry 8700G and its competition 7Blackberry 8700G is one of the affordable bussiness smartphone from the leading business phone manufacturer BLACKBERRY. To say simply, BlackBerry 8700G is a simple hand held organiser. Because as we know BlackBerry concentrates mostly on manufacturing mobiles that are useful for bussiness people. Among that kind of phones, BlackBery 8700G is one. It is a small stylish looking and a bright screen phone which can view office files perfectly. It is designed with a good looking QWERTY keypad. It is slim and easy to use and fits in hand perfectly.

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Design :

Coming to the design part, It’s power button not only useful to turn on or off the mobile, but also it can adjust the brightness of screen. It’s good looking LCD screen is made with light sensing technology which can set brightness depending on brightness of surroundings. When compared to previous BlackBerry models, the 35-key QWERTY keypad is powerful and the keys are flatter and closer. Also it contains track wheel at the right side of the phone which enables the user to adjust volume and to scroll through the menus. Also an escape button below track wheel enables the user to exit a screen or cancel an action or navigate to previous page in your browser.

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Features :

As BlackBerry is a business mobile manufacturer, one of the main feature of blackberry mobile is email support. Likely, BlackBerry 8700 G supports push email support. Push email support means, this mobile pushes emails directly to your device. It has access to any kind of email accounts.You can view your Office files like PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point Presentaions perfectly. This device runs on Intel XScale Processor runs on java platform with BBM O.S. This device consists of 64MB inbuilt flash memory along with 16MB SRAM.

Coming to the connectivity, BlackBerry 8700G supports GPRS network and also EDGE network for faster internet access. It can connect to 4 bands of signals which proves that it is quad band device. Bluetooth feature makes it easy to sync your phone with PC and also to connect devices like headset with bluetooth. But one major disadvantage is you cannot transfer files over bluetooth. This feature is supported because, it doesn’t have IR due to security reasons. You can transfer files from PC or to PC with the given USB cable. You can sync calender, contacts, tasks, memos with PC with the BlackBerry software for PC.

Coming to camera point of view, Since it is designed in bussiness point of view, There is no camera or memory expansion slot. This is the major disadvantage for the normal user. Because you cannot store photos or music in this phone.

In one sentence, this BlackBerry 8700 G is useful only for business people, not for normal user. For a business person, this is the best device for an affordable price.

BlackBerry 8700 G Competition with other BlackBerry devices :

BlackBerry has done a good job by providing a secure and affordable business smartphone, it has competed with some BlackBerry devices and it couldn’t compete with some other devices. It couldn’t compete with some devices of BlackBerry Curve and Bold series phones.

In what way it couldn’t compete with BlackBerry Curve and Bold series phones:

The main and primary reason which made this device couldn’t compete with the above series phones is lack of camera and expandable storage. Without these features, normal users will not show interest on these devices, So these series phones bet BlackBerry 8700 G.

Conclusion and Final Words :

This device is manufactured on security basis. Because this phone doesn’t have IR, which can prevent your phone from attacking from hackers. This will help the business people to secure their documents in their phone. Also there is no expandable storage and SD Card option. This helps in preventing the attacking of virus to your phone, thus safegaurding the phone.

If you are a business person, and if you want a secure phone at affordable price, then quickly choose BlackBerry 8700 G.


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