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Browse internet with 500 Mbps speed with existing connection

Internet is the most required source in today generation. Internet has become fundamental amenity for people in current world. Internet is used my 90% of world and even more. Internet when it is slow, we will go into frustration and even we will stop browsing if the internet is slow. This is experienced by many users and even me sometimes. What is your felling when I say you can browse internet with 500 Mbps speed with existing connection??

Most of the users usually go with wired broadband connection and some people use wireless broadband. But most of you people use the slow connection as it suits your needs at low price. It might be usually 1Mbps, 2Mbps or 10 Mbps. These speeds are enough for home purposes.

But these slow speeds won’t helpful in some urgent cases like results time and to view a high quality videos on YouTube or on any other site.  In this article I am going to give you step by step guide on how to increase internet speed to 500 Mbps and to browse internet with 500 Mbps speed with your normal internet speed without upgrading(say 1 Mbps)

Before getting into the guide, you need to know about the website which i call as a tool for this trick. Firstly I will explain about the website and later get into the step by step process to browse internet with 500 Mbps with your existing connection. – All you need to know

Yeah, you are about to about this crazy website. You are about to know how to browse internet with 500 Mbps speed with existing connection using is basically a remote desktop containing just a browser which will provide you complete access to browse anything. You can browse anything on the browser and you know! The internet speed on the remote desktop browser is 500 Mbps. OMG! Isn’t it sexy? Actually this is just a optional feature of The main aim and features of are different and are as follows. website is a kind of social network or a messenger for chatting, video chat, voice chat. The main motto of is “Be together”. Like you and your friend watch, talk,see, study and be together.

Main features of

  • Obviously for chatting includes text and video.
  • Watch together, talk together, study together and be together.
  • Free to use and no need to pay anything
  • Rabbitcast allows you to browse any website on remote server.
  • And last but not least, high speed internet for which you are waiting for.
  • What you need? Requirements to use for 500 Mbps Internet
  • Laptop or PC with a minimum of 1Mbps connection to stream Rabbitcast.

And yes! Here’s what you are waiting for…..

How to use and browse internet with 500 Mbps speed.

Here is the step by step process to browse internet with 500Mbps speed.

  • First open your browser and logon to URL
  • Sign up for a new account. You can make it simple with Facebook signup.
  • If not, you register with email.
  • If you registered with email, confirm the link received.
  • Click on “My Room” or any option related to that where you will get a screen as shown below with three options.Browse internet with 500 Mbps speed
  • Select any one. As you are not for chatting, select “Messages only”.Browse internet with 500 Mbps speed
  • In the  next screen select “Decide What to watch”.Browse internet with 500 Mbps speed
  • Below you enter the URL you want to browse. And hit Go.
  • Now you will open your remote desktop browser with 500 Mbps speed and even more.Browse internet with 500 Mbps speed
  • Set the quality you need to stream your Rabbitcast. LD,SD,HD. HD provide more quality.
  • You can browse anything on this browser and also stream HD videos.

Video Tutorial:

Some more things you need to know about [Bonus content]

  • The browser is Mozilla Firefox which is running on
  • The operating system on remote system is Linux.
  • Downloading to physical system is not possible.
  • Instead download on Virtual PC and upload to cloud drive.
  • It just works like a remote desktop. Simple concept of working is accessing a pc with high speed internet on TeamViewer.

Now use to browse internet with 500 Mbps speed with your existing connection.


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