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How to Bypass Hack App Lock in Android without uninstalling ?

App Lock is one of the most useful application on Android. Since it came into App Store, it became must and should application in any smartphone. With App lock you can lock any kind of Apps and Gallery. You might have seen in your friends android smartphone locking some apps and games, which makes others to prevent opening locked apps without password. Then you cannot open such locked apps normally. But you can Bypass or Hack App Lock in android with this simple tricks.

In this post, I am going to explain two methods to Bypass or Hack App Lock in any Android Phone. These are very easy tricks and no root access required.

  • First method is uninstalling the app lock and use the locked app.
  • Second method is by bypassing app lock by disabling it.

How to Hack App Lock in any Android Phone ( 2 methods revealed) ?

Method 1:

First method to hack app lock in android is by uninstalling the app. Follow these steps to bypass app lock.

  • First, select target phone having app lock for a program.
  • Navigate to App manager and uninstall the app lock.
  • Then open the app lock.
  • That’s it. you have bypassed the app lock.

Drawbacks :

This trick fails, when app lock is active for “Install / uninstall ” feature. If that is the case, proceed to method 2. Admin of the phone might know, if you uninstall the app. This is not preferable method.

Method 2:

This is the most easy and preferable method to bypass or hack app lock in any android phone without uninstalling the App Lock. Yes, there is no need to uninstall the app lock like as in above method. You can just stop it.

Here is the tutorial to hack app lock in any android without uninstalling the app. Follow these steps to bypass app lock.

  • First select the target phone having app lock.
  • Open “Settings” from  the app drawer.
  • Tap on “Apps” or “Applications”.
  • Navigate to “Downloaded apps”.
  • Search for “App Lock” Application.

hack app lock

  • Tap on the App Lock application.
  • You will see “Force Stop” application. Tap on that.

hack app lock

  • Now you have stopped App Lock application.
  • Now you can play any locked application without uninstalling app, Also without knowing to the phone admin.

How to lock the app again after usage ?

To lock the app again after usage, just open”App Locker” from the app drawer. No need to enter password. Just open and close the “App Lock Application”.

Drawbacks :

One and only drawback with this method is you cannot hack App Lock application if the admin has locked “Settings”. Excluding this drawback, this trick works perfectly.

Conclusion : I hope the above two methods are helpful to you to bypass or hack app lock in any android phone with and without uninstalling the App Lock Application.

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Anil Reddy Tirugudu


  • If you are also locked out of settings or are unable to force stop the app, I found another way around if you have access to a root explorer program. If you go into your data/app folder and move the applock apk to another location, like just to the data folder, then wait a few seconds and open your recent apps (long press hope) it will cause the app to crash, giving you access again. Putting the apk back into the data/app golder reverses this, so whomever put the lock on won’t know it’s been tampered with.

  • hey, that was a good idea but what if settings are locked and even install and unistall is also locked???

    • Yes there is a trick to hack applock if the settings is locked.
      1st go to settings, then the lock screen will appear. Then pull the notification bar from top and press the tool key where the switches are there(eg data connection.wifi,etc). Then again click on settings and the settings will open. Now follow the steps as stated in the post.

  • Sorry sir, the methods you mentioned above will not works if thew have enabled smart lock feature of app lock. It doesn’t allow to stop or kill app lock prosses

  • well.. my friend is smart, he is lock the setting app so i can’t open it and uninstall or freeze the app.

  • is there any possibility to check those images or videos that are hidden in app lock icon

    • yes there is.. u just have to go to my files and find applock folder… there after a lik effort u will find the oics and videos… but u hv to change the extension of files… otherwise they wont open…

  • My hubby has locked his watsapp by app lock password .I want to check and see all his watsapp message…how can I crack it…?

    • Stop snoopin….If you actually have to question the validity of your relationship, you dont have to read his messages. Just because you dont trust him, doesn’t make his privacy yours.

  • It can be possible…if victims doesn’t lock her Bluetooth and install/uninstall setting….
    (Whatsapp )+14422366569 pm me…

  • Hey !! If u want to hack any android game ( almost all ) without root just dwnld an app called lucky patcher , it is not available on play store but u can dwnld it from website iit is really cool app it can purchase all the app from play store also…for help search it on you tube how to use it there is full tutorial just few steps ..have fun???

  • I locked some pics in Applock. but after some time i am not able to find those pics in applock or even in my gallery… Please suggest what to do….

  • give me a method to hack applock if the settings and app installer both are locked.

  • Use Android’s Safe Mode feature to close every user-downloaded app, (if applicable) Uninstall the Smart lock feature of the applocker (note that you might need to disable administrator access to uninstall the app) and Install Greenify on the Play Store. Restart your phone, and open Greenify once. Close the app, restart the phone in safe mode again, then open settings. You have two things to do on settings: 1. Go to Security → Administrator Access then enable Greenify, and 2. Go back to settings, open Accessibility then enable Greenify. Then restart your phone one last time and open the Greenify app. Tap the add button and find the applocker app. Tap the checkmark then press the “zzz” button in the bottom.

    At least it worked, for me.

  • Actually I have forgotten my password and the applock feature is set as device administrator and IT always asks for password and even I’ve set the wrong email Id so I am not able to get the security code .
    I’ve locked instagram by mistake and now I want to open it . The force stop option is also not available as applock is set as the device administrator . It’s hell. Help me .

  • I think my phone is being hacked….when i try to do those thing. I cant find the app that lock it…