Connect Cpanel email address to Gmail account

cPanel is nothing but control panel provided by hosting provider for the web masters to control their website or blog. This cpanel provides many features along with hosting service. One of those features is custom emails for your domain. You can create custom emails in this format.. The main advantage of using these custom emails is it improves your business and your brand. But the provided cpanel webmails are not fully customized. I know you cannot use those cpanel webmail for a longer time because it is not fully customizable and doesn’t look good.

And moreover now a days, we use smartphones and we will sync all emails into device. This facility is not available for custom emails that is for cpanel email accounts. So to make that easier, I am going to provide you the tutorial how to connect cpanel email address to account. This tutorial is useful to connect your company/ blog email address to gmail account so that you can send and receive mails for your company email address via gmail. You can use Gmail features for sending the mail.

Here is the tutorial. Follow the tutorial carefully. Make sure, you have cpanel email address for your website/ blog created and have access to cpanel account. Then follow these steps to connect cpanel email address to gmail account.

How to connect Cpanel email address to Gmail account

Step 1: First, you need to open settings in your Gmail account. It’s quite simple. Open Gmail. Click gear icon on top right of your screen and click on settings. Your settings window will be opened. Click on “Accounts and Import” tab. Scroll down and click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”. A new window will be opened. Enter the custom email address and click on next.

Connect Cpanel email address to Gmail

Step 2: Here is the important and final step for configuring incoming messages. Minimize the above window, and login to cpanel and search for manual mail configuration settings. Generally the settings will be in email section in your cpanel. I am using Godaddy Hosting. I have manual email settings for my cpanel. Enter username, password, POP server, port as mentioned in manual email configuration settings. Once you are done, click on add account. Now you will receive mail to your gmail when you receive for custom mail.

cpanel_Connect Cpanel email address to Gmail

This is up to configuring incoming mails. Now you have you configure your outgoing settings.

Step 3: On the same page, you will find “Would you also like to be able to send mail as (”. Click yes. On the next screen it will allow you to choose how your name appears with that email address. Enter how you would like it to appear. You can choose your name, your blog title, or your name @ your blog title. You can choose whatever you would like.  Now in next step, you have to configure mail settings. Enter SMTP server details which is your outgoing server. Use SSL connection.

Connect Cpanel email address to GmailConnect Cpanel email address to Gmail

Now you are all set. You will get a confirmation mail to your cpanel mail. Login to webmail and confirm. Now you can send and receive mails as your business mail via login. This is how you connect cpanel email address to gmail account.

You can connect cpanel email address to gmail account of any host. Hope you enjoyed the article. Share it if you.

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