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Deploy XAP files on Windows Phone – WPV XAP Deployer 2.0

Before getting into the article, let me explain the meaning of DEPLOY. Some people might not be knowing about this technical term. Technically “DEPLOY” means installing any application on a device or an emulator. In the sense, deploy means installing application on an external device connected to PC or on an inbuilt emulator software. Generally this term is mostly used by App developers as they deploy and test their applications on a device. Now coming to the topic, every mobile has a procedure to install Apps or Games on their devices from a Desktop or PC. In this article, I am going to explain how to deploy XAP files on Windows Phone with WPV XAP Deployer.

Why only deploy XAP files on Windows Phone ?

You might me getting a doubt, why to deploy XAP files only on Windows Phone. Every smartphone operating system has an extension for it’s application. For example, Android has “apk” extension. In the same way, Windows Phone operating system has XAP and APPX file formats for their developed applications. Now-a-days appx file formats doesn’t exist. So every developed application for Windows Phone has .XAP extension which can be called as installation file. So we deploy XAP files only for Windows Phone operating system.

Why and What is the need to deploy XAP files on Windows Phone ?

This tutorial is helpful for developers, geeks and for a normal Windows Phone user. Developers can learn how to deploy xap and test their application on their smartphone. Also you can find some patched or modded paid apps on Google in the form of .XAP files. The one and only process to install any modded or paid apps on your phone is by deploying XAP only.

How to deploy XAP files on Windows Phone with WPV XAP deployer 2.0 ?

Before knowing how to deploy XAP, you need to know about the tool we are using to deploy XAP files on Windows Phone. WPV XAP deployer 2.0 is the tool that we use to deploy XAP files. Follow these steps to start deployingXAP files.

  • First download WPV XAP deployer 2.0 tool to deploy XAP files. Download here.
  • Also download XAP files that you want to deploy to your Windows Phone.
  • Extract the zip file downloaded and open WPV XAP Deployer application.
  • Click on Add XAP files and select XAP files that you want to deploy on the device or emulator.How to Deploy XAP files on Windows Phone
  • Select the target as “Device” or “Emulator” as per your requirement.
  • Click on “Deploy”.
  • Now the XAP files are installed on your device which is connected to the device.
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In this way you can deploy XAP files on the Windows Phone from Desktop/Laptop. With this trick you can use any paid app or any modded/cracked app or game on your Windows Phone.

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