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How to : Developer Unlock Windows Phone 8 /10 without Visual Studio SDK

Hey readers, back with a new interesting tutorial after a long time. This time, I am here with an article related to Windows Phone. Here, in this tutorial I am going to explain you how to developer unlock Windows Phone 8 /10 without Visual Studio SDK on your PC. Before getting into tutorial, you have to know what is developer unlock, why to developer unlock Windows Phone 8 /10 device. Because, without knowing all these, there will be no use even after developer unlocking your device. Ok then, here are the explanations for the questions.

What is Developer unlocking a Windows Phone?

Basically I think you know what a developer does. A developer develops an application or game for the platform. They test their Apps on emulator or on a real device by connecting their device to PC. Developer unlocking a device permits you to install apps and games from PC. Once, after developer unlocking the Windows Phone 8 /10, you can install all compatible apps from PC directly. You can developer unlock Windows Phone without Visual Studio SDK also. Here I am going to explain how to do that.

Why to Developer unlock a Windows Phone?

As I stated above, Developer unlocking allows you to to install apps and games from PC directly. We have many more advantages technically. Anyway, I am not going to explain all those in this tutorial. This developer unlock is mandatory for developers to test their apps and games on device.

How to Developer unlock Windows Phone 8 without Visual Studio SDK?

Usually developers develop apps using Visual Studio SDK for Windows Phone. The SDK includes Windows Phone Developer unlocking tool. So developers who have Visual Studio SDK can developer unlock windows phone 8 directly. For normal users, downloading Visual Studio SDK is of no use. So here I am going to show how to developer unlock device without Visual Studio SDK. Follow these steps carefully.

  • First, download the Windows Phone Mini SDK which is very less in size than visual studio (around 64 MB only).
  • Install the mini SDK on  PC.
  • Search for “Windows Phone Developer Registration” application. Open the application and connect the device.developer unlock windows phone 8
  • Once your Windows Phone is identified as shown above. Click on register. Else try reconnecting the device.
  • Now login with your Microsoft credentials. Not must be a developer account. Any Microsoft account works.
  • That’s it. Your Phone will be developer unlocked. You can now install cracked apps, games from PC.

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Note: Windows Phone Mini SDK provides tools only for developer registration and App deployment which suits for app deployment. No need to download Visual Studio.

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