Download offline maps on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Maps and navigation on a smartphone are very important now-a-days. Because navigation makes us to reach our destination easily. But generally, on smartphone, Maps and Navigation consumes lot of data while using. To overcome high data consumption, Microsoft introduced offline maps in Windows smartphone which you might know. Download offline maps and make navigation easier and with no internet connection. Microsoft now provided offline maps in it’s new universal Windows 10 Operating System. Universal O.S means, same app compatible with PC and Windows Phone. For Windows Phone users, this offline maps feature is available from Windows Phone 8 O.S. In windows 10 update download offline maps and navigate offline.

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How to Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 PC/Desktop ?

Here is a neat step by step tutorial to download Offline Maps in Windows 10 PC/Desktop. Follow these steps carefully.

  • First update to new version of “Maps” on your Windows 10 from “Store beta”.
  • After updating Maps application, Open the Maps application.
  • Click on settings icon on bottom left of screen of “Maps” application.

download offline maps

  • You will find Offline Maps option. Click on “Download or update new maps”.


  • Now settings page will be opened.
  • Click on “Download maps” to download offline maps.

download offline maps

  • Now select the continent and select the region to download offline maps.

download offline maps

That’s it. You have now download offline maps on Windows 10 PC/Laptop. You can save huge data by using offline maps.

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