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Download YouTube playlist videos with IDM (ByTubeD)

YouTube is major source to find and watch any kind of videos. In the previous post, I have discussed how to download YouTube Videos individually using IDM and IDA. In this post I am going to show you how to download YouTube playlist videos all at once using IDM (Internet Download Manager) or  IDA(Internet Download Accelerator) or any other download manager. Especially this trick is useful to download lectures and tutorials which are available on YouTube. Downloading each video individually from a playlist is a time taking process and a big process.

How to Download YouTube playlist videos with IDM?

To download YouTube playlist videos, we make use of a famous Mozilla Firefox Add-on “ByTubeD”. This add-on is not available in Mozilla Firefox Store. Here I am providing the download link for ByTubeD add-on.

Requirements to install this Add-on :

  • Must and should have Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • ByTubeD add-on must be installed on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to install ByTubeD Add-on on Mozilla :

  • Download ByTubeD add-on from the link provided.

Download ByTubeD Add-On Mozilla Firefox

  • Right click on the .xpi file and open with Mozilla Firefox.

download youtube playlist videos

  • Click on install and restart Firefox to finish installation.

How to download YouTube playlist videos ?

Follow these steps to download YouTube playlist videos.

  • Open Playlist you want to download on your browser as shown below.

download youtube playlist videos

  • Right click on the window. You will find “ByTubeD” option. Click on that option.

download youtube playlist videos

  • Select the required “Quality” and “Destination” and select the videos you want to download. If you want to download all videos in playlist, select all the videos.
  • Click on “Start” . Now you will get a new window will all generated download links.
  • Here I have selected 7 videos. So I got 7 links.

download youtube playlist videos

  • Now right click on window and click on “Download all links with IDM” from the context menu.
  • Now all videos are added to download queue in IDM.

Conclusion :

In this way, you can download playlist videos with IDM (Internet Download Manager) or IDA (Internet Download Accelerator) at a time.

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