How to extract text from Image with Microsoft OneNote 2013 – OCR

Microsoft OneNote 2013 is one of the useful product from Microsoft as a part of Mircosoft Office. Microsoft OneNote 2013 is used for creating, editing and saving your notes. Microsoft OneNote not only supports creating, editing notes, it allows you to add images, videos, audio, links. You can even add file attachments and scanned images. OneNote allows you to record audios, videos and add them directly to notes. OneNote allows you to add equations to your notes. You can also add tables and excel files to your notes. You can use OneNote on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, Mac. Sync all your notes in cloud. Microsoft OneNote also provides OCR technology which extracts text from a given image.

Extract Text from Image

Optical Character Recognition – OCR in Microsoft OneNote 2013

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. OCR technology recognizes character from a digital image. This technology enables you to extract text from an image or a photo and saves or prints the data directly. OneNote 2013 has this OCR technology. You can extract text from an image and copy the text. This copied text can be saved to notes or can be printed directly.

OCR helps you to avoid retyping of text existing in a paper. You can take a picture of paper and use this OCR to extract the text. No need to retype the text which is on a paper. This is one of the important feature of OneNote 2013. With this OCR, you can convert all digital magazines, papers and save/ print in few seconds.

How to extract text from image with Microsoft OneNote 2013

Here is the simple tutorial on how to use OCR to extract text from image with OneNote 2013.

  • Open Microsoft OneNote 2013 on your desktop/laptop.
  • Move to “insert” tab and insert the picture from which you want to extract text.
  • Right click on the added picture. You will find “Copy text from picture” in context menu.
  • Now the text is copied to clip board. Now press Ctrl+V, where you want to paste the text whether it may be Word or Notepad.

extract text from image

Final Words :

In this way, you can extract text from image using OneNote 2013. Stop typing text from a paper. Just scan the paper and extract text from image in seconds.

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