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Fix : Adblock Plus (ABP) not working in Google Chrome

Hey friends, back with a new article which is a solution to most of the internet users who are unable to prevent ads in their browser. Simply saying, this article is a solution to fix the problem “Adblock Plus not working in Google Chrome”. This is the issue faced and facing by many users. Many of users asked me personally on Facebook and through mail. So I am writing the solution here and want to make it visible to those who are facing this issue.

Basically Ads are common on any blog or any website as it is the monetizing way for the admins of the blogs and websites. Most of the internet users use various plugins and extensions to block the ads, which make browsing annoying. When you see some sites, you find pop up ads, link ads and also background invisible ads. Adblock usage is appreciated in these cases. There are many plugins for Mozilla browser and many extensions for Google Chrome. These Adblocks removes the disturbance and makes browsing comfortable.

Of these available adblock plugins and extensions, Adblock Plus is the cross platform plugin which is available for famous browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. No matter, what the browser you are using, use ABP to remove annoying ads.

When you install Adblock Plus, it works successfully for some days. After some days, ABP may not work even though, the plugin is active. Here is the solution for such case. Follow these steps to fix the problem “Adblock Plus not working in Google Chrome”.

How to know that your AdBlock Plus extension is not working ?

Firstly check your AdBlock Plus extension is activated. Then check the extension on a site containing ads. If no ads are found, your ABP is working, else your Adblock Plus is not working on Google Chrome. Sometimes your Adblock Plus extension will be active but will not work. In such a case, go through the following steps.

How to fix “Adblock Plus not working in Google Chrome” issue ?

  • Firstly, see this screenshot showing adblock plus not working in Google Chrome. Here I have active ABP extension and even I am able to see ads. This is the case, I am going to deal here now.Screenshot (1)
  • I have highlighted, the google Ad in the above pic, and also adblock plus extension which is working.
  • Now click on ABP icon which I have selected above. and click on options.adblock
  • You will find options as shown below.adblock plus
  • Enable the both options and also click on “update now”.
  • Now how have repaired your ABP extension. Ads will not appear on any page from now.

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