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Hack Android Games – No Root Required

Most of the Android Games are very much addictive and tough to play. Sometimes you may get frustration, if you have unable to cross the level in a game. How will you feel if you are able to play any game by hacking the game by yourself? Yes, you can hack android games easily for unlimited score and points. You yourself can create a modded apk file with your own score and coins or something else.

Also you can hack android games in such a way that removes annoying Google Ads. Is this happens in unrooted android devices ? Yes, what I mentioned above, works for unrooted Android devices also. Means you can hack android games with no root required. Let’s begin the small tricky hacking tutorial and get ready to learn to hack android games ( No Root Required for Devices ).

All we do is, we make use of an app which does all things with simple clicks. Lucky Patcher is the app which is used here to hack android games without rooting Android device/Mobile. Make sure, You have Lucky patcher app  installed on your Android device. hack android games

Lucky Patcher App to hack android games no root

What Lucky Patcher does is, Lucky Patcher is the application which bypasses in app purchases in an android game. In the sense, you no need to pay real money for buying coins and money in an android game. In this way, you can get coins for free in a game.


Here is a step by step tutorial, to HACK ANDROID GAMES WITHOUT ROOT using Lucky Patcher. Follow these steps carefully as mentioned.

Steps to Hack Android Games No Root using Lucky Patcher

  • First download and install Lucky Patcher on your Android Mobile/device.
  • After installing open the application.
  • You will find all available apps and games on your device.

hack android games

  • Select the game which contains in app purchases. Click on the Game to get in app purchases for free.
  • Tap on “Open menu of patches”.


  • Select “Create modified APK file “

hack android games

  • Now finally tap on “APK rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.

hack android games

  • Wait for few seconds to complete the process and to rebuild the app.
  • Now uninstall the hacked game completely.
  • Now open file manager and navigate to SD Card>Android>data>com.forpda.lp>files>lucky patcher>modified>required game.
  • Find your modded game.
  • Install and enjoy the game. Hack android games with ease.

 Game Killer to hack Android games without rooting

What Is Game Killer?

Game Killer is a Android App using which users can hack easily any android game with just one click. It is fun to play games as long as we cross the levels easily without any difficulty. It is frustrating when we get struck at some level of the game and not getting success that is when the Game killer App can be used to get a solution.

By hacking Android Games without rooting, we can cross easily any levels no matter how difficult it is. Game Killer allows you to hack famous android games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Hill climb racing.

Steps To hack Android games without rooting using Game Killer

  • Download & Install the Game Killer App on your no root Andriod phone.
  • Click on the Game Killer App icon to run the application on your Android phone.
  • The main menu of Game Killer will give you with a list of options. Select the option which says “Hack Android Games without Root” and another screen shows you a long list of supported games.
  • Entered the game name you want to hack in the search box.
  • When the game is found of your choose, click on it. A new screen displayed with a list of hacks you can activate .
  • Based on the game you are hacking, you may get hack options like hack unlimited gold coins , hack unlimited gems, unlocking characters and levels, etc.
  • Choose the hacks you want to use and Click on the Hack button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Install and enjoy the game. Hack android games with ease.

Note :  Here we have explained 2 methods to hack android games without root, using Game Killer and using Lucky Patcher. This trick may not work for some games, but works for many top games like hill climb racing, temple run, subway surfers and some other games.

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