Hack CANDY CRUSH SAGA on Facebook – Leethax extension

Playing an addictive game like Candy Crush Saga is more challenging and more frustrating as we move on to upper levels which are more difficult. Sometimes we get a thought of searching for a modded or hacked candy crush game on Google and play with infinite lives. Also some developers may able to hack Candy Crush Saga like games with some tools. It’s so easy to hack candy crush saga for infinite lives and power ups and to reach high levels. In this article, I am going to explain in detail, how to hack candy crush saga game with leethax.net extension/add-on on Mozilla Firefox browser.

candy crush saga hack

Requirements to hack Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

  • Leethax.net Mozilla Firefox extension
  • Firefox browser.

Steps to hack Candy Crush Saga on Facebook with Leethax.net extension :

  • Remember, first thing you need is  Leethax.net extension for Firefox. Below is the download link.

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Download Leethax.net extension for firefox


  • Click on the above link and install Leethax.net Firefox Extension/add-on.
  • After installing the extension, restart your Firefox browser to apply settings.
  • Now open Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.
  • You will find infinite lives and unlocked power ups as shown in below screenshot.

hack candy crush saga

In this way you can hack Candy Crush Saga game on Facebook using Leethax.net extension on Firefox browser. Hope you liked the trick. Share it and make others know about it.

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About the author

Anil Reddy Tirugudu


  • i agree with ALL of you that candy crush is nice game but why people so addictive with this game recently i heard story in news that one of person in US thumb need to surgery because he was playing candy from last 7 days continuous

    • Because its challenging and once we open the game, we cannot leave the game until lives are over.