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Hack Candy Crush Saga Gold In Android Using Lucky Patcher

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games in any device(i.e Android,Windows and IOS). I don’t want to explain the process of playing Candy Crush Saga game, because you know better than me. This game consists of levels which we have to unlock the levels by playing each level. In some cases You may feel difficulty to overcome or to complete the levels. Some levels will not complete without resources like lollipops,color bombs etc. These resources you have to buy with gold. In order to buy those resources first you have to find gold bars by paying money to the store. So in this article I am going to explain how to hack Candy Crush Saga gold in Android using lucky patcher.

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Hack Candy Crush Saga Gold on All Platforms

What Is Lucky Patcher?

Android is a great platform to play games and also we can hack those games with simple methods using apps. One among the hacking tools, lucky patcher is best app through which free in app purchases can be done. Not only in app purchases you can remove google ads and you can remove license verification for android apps. I think now you got about lucky patcher and what is it use? Now I will explain how to hack Candy Crush Saga gold in android using lucky patcher. But important condition is your android device must be rooted.

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How To Hack Candy Crush Saga Gold In Android Using Lucky Patcher:

  • First download and install candy crush saga updated version from play store [If it is not installed].
  • Then you have to download lucky patcher. You can download from google.
  • Next you have open lucky patcher app.
  • Then you will find all apps and games are listed. Candy Crush Saga also present in the list.
  • Then click on the listed candy crush saga icon the you will see many options. Then you have to tap on “open menu of patches”
  • Next you will see some options in which you have to choose “support patch for in app and lvl emulation”
  • Then next click on “apply”.
  • Then wait for some time till patching gets completed.
  • After completing patching Then open Candy Crush Saga game in your device and make sure that your facebook login is completed.
  • Then you will see gold icon on the left side of the game screen.
  • Then click on gold icon you will find out the purchases with cost ‘$0.0’
  • Then tap to buy gold,a lucky patcher screen will appear then click “Yes”.
  • Repeat above step to increase more gold.

That’s it process is completed enjoy with with unlimited gold. This is simple way to hack candy crush saga gold in android using lucky patcher. Hack Candy Crush Saga Gold on Android and use this unlimited gold on all other platforms. If you have any doubts please comment below.

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