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Hack passwords on Google Chrome with Gumshoe

Now-a-days on internet many people are trying to learn how to hack password. But hacking is not so easy. It require various programming languages. But there are some softwares to hack passwords from another system. I hope most of the users are available of term KeyLogger. Before you proceed to learn to hack password using Gumshoe extension with Google Chrome, You have to know about what is a Keylogger and how is it helpful in hacking passwords.

What is a Keylogger?

Keylogger is a tool or a program which records each and every key stroke typed by user and saves them in a file. This can be used as a hacker tool to use this program on our target PC. There are many advanced KeyLogger softwares which will tap your passwords and save in a text file. This can be used as a tool to hack password from other computers.

Gumshoe – Best Chrome extension to hack password

Google Chrome is the best web browser used by most of the users. As I mentioned above, there are many keylogger softwares available for PC. But to hack password, a keylogger for browser is enough. Gumshoe is a Chrome extension which records website credentials and stores them in a local log file. These saved passwords can be manipulated by the user later. It is a open source utility and can be used on any PC having Chrome browser. This should be used in a legitimate way. But to have fun with your friends you can try this on his/her laptop and grab her passwords.

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How to install and use Gumshoe to hack password from other PC ?

As I mentioned earlier, this should not be used in illegal way. You can have fun by installing it on your friend’s PC/Laptop. Here is the tutorial to hack password of victim using this extension.

Step 1: First of all, check whether the victims PC/Laptop has Google Chrome installed. Because this Gumshoe is available only for Chrome browser only.

Step 2: Install this gumshoe extension on the victims PC. Just visit “” and search for “Gumshoe”. Then install the extension or directly click here to install extension.

hack password gumshoe


Step 3: Once you install the extension, Here is the magic. Sit and relax. It will monitor and track all credentials of websites of victim ( hack password ) and stores them in his PC/Laptop local storage.

How to manage saved passwords in Gumshoe?

Step 4: To manage or view saved passwords, Just visit any website having input fields like Facebook and type “gselog” in the field. Now you will get all saved passwords in a window.hack password gumshoe

Step 5: You can change Passcode and delete records from the controls shown. That’s it. You can view passwords of the victim in his Chrome browser.

Conclusion : In this way you can hack password from your friend’s browser. This will be useful to make fun with your friends by hacking their password with this extension.


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