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Hard Resetting the Dell XPS Computer

The Dell XPS is the name given to a range of Ultrabooks manufactured by Dell. The unique thing about this range of laptops is that they have a flip-hinge design that sets them apart from the rest of the laptops in this class. This feature allows the user to employ it as a laptop or tablet as they wish to use it. The laptop has a lot of features that make it very popular among people who have put it to the test.

Hard Resetting the Dell XPS

The Need and How to Reset to Factory Settings

All over the internet, people have been looking for ways to reset a Dell laptop especially the Dell XPS series. One may have filled the computer with so many programs and folders that it becomes difficult to use it. Most computers would slow down and makes carrying out normal tasks a headache. If you need to do a Dell factory restore, you have come to the right place since we use the two main methods of dealing with this issue in the easiest way possible. Read on.

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Using the Booting Menu

Step 1: The first method on how to restore Dell laptop to factory settings starts with a cold boot or restart of your computer. This method will focus on using the computer’s own booting menu to do the task. The method requires a lot of attention and timeliness. After starting or restarting the computer, press the F8 key right before the operating system starts. This method of reseting a Dell laptop may need you to go back to the first step if at all you miss pressing the F8 key before the Windows operating system has started.

Step 2: The Dell factory restore procedure will then entail the use of arrow buttons and the Enter key to choose the Advanced Boot Options choice from the list of the items. After that, select the Repair option. You are now on the right path on how to restore Dell laptop to factory settings. Choose the Language and Administrative Credentials. You will be prompted to log in as an administrator which will then allow you access to the other settings. This means that using this method will require you to have the login credentials that will enable you to access the computer administrative settings.

Step 3: In the options available, select the Dell Factory Image Restore as it is the main direction to the reset of a Dell laptop. To continue with the Dell factory restore process, press Next in the menu that follows. After this choice, you will need to select Yes where the computer will take you to a process requiring to check a box titled Reformat Hard Drive and Restore System Software to Factory Condition. Check that box since it is the path to having the perfect factory reset. It will clear everything in the settings menu of the computer.

Step 4: After that, press the Next button and wait, the computer will start the restoration process. Depending on the amount of data and settings you had installed on your computer, the computer will go through the process of resetting to factory settings where it will restart on its own. When it does the restart, the restoration process will be over, and you will have a computer as new as the day it came from the factory. When you see Restoration Complete, select Next to finish the process.

Using a Dell DVD/CD

Step 1: One can also use a CD or DVD from Dell to carry out a Dell factory restore. For this method requires the computer to be already powered on. Go to the Control Panel then select System and Maintenance then pick on Back Up and Restore Centre. You should have the administrative login and password since the next step requires choosing the BackUp files button then filling in the administrative details. After that, click on the Continue button to continue with the process.

Step 2: Wait for a while for the backup to be created. Afterward, remove any peripherals connected to the computer such as scanners, printers and even flash disks, memory cards and others. You should have your Media Drive (the one that came with your Dell XPS). Insert the Media Drive and then restart the computer. It is advisable to have closed all the running programs for this procedure to be faster. Only allow the backup to be the running process when carrying out the backup process. With the backup in place, restart it. Avoid the common mistake people make by not allowing the backup process to be complete. If you think looking at the backup items that you need then just restarting it will back up some items and leave others, you are wrong.

Step 3: When the computer restarts, it will ask whether to repair the system or boot from the Media Drive. Go with the booting option by choosing on it and pressing the Enter option. After a while, the computer will initiate a boot process with the Media Drive. When it is complete, you will have your Dell XPS as good as the day you took it from its packaging. It is as easy as that.

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