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Revel in the Convenience of Home Automation with the Leaf Air

Home automation has become a part and parcel of the developed world ever since the advent of the digital age. And although it might not be as prominent as smartphones and laptop computers, smart home automation solutions are definitely bridging the gap between technology and the simplicity of home.Revel in the Convenience of Home Automation with the Leaf Air

What is Leaf Air?

Yes, the name can seem a bit confusing, but the Air home automation system from Leaf Technologies Ltd. is more than just a pretty face with a sophisticated name. In its simplest form, Air is a super smart home automation device that enables users to control everything in their homes, from their electric kettle to the A/C temperature, using nothing more than your smartphone! That’s right; this revolutionary product is the result of years of R&D in to an aesthetic, affordable, and easy to install home automation system.

Here’s the Low-down:

  • Air is an adaptive home automation device that can not only automate you home’s appliances, but will gradually learn to adapt you the users’ preferences. For example, if you get home at 8 p.m., and switch on the geyser for a shower, Air will switch on the geyser at 7:30, so you can have a hot shower as soon as you’re home!
  • Air enables users to control unconnected devices via an internet or Wi-Fi-connected Smartphone.
  • Air doesn’t just automate your home processes, but makes them more efficient, automatically switching off devices when not in use.

Who Created Air?

Yes, god created air, but the Air home automation system was designed and developed by Leaf Technologies, a Mumbai-based company. Leaf Technologies has changed the face of upmarket home automation system with it unique product. Not only does it out-perform other devices using revolutionary adaptive software, but it will eventually take control of all your appliances and regulate them just as you would, while even passively working to control power consumption and bills. Its creators say that Air’s adaptive technology will automatically regulate all your devices after 21 days, once it has analyzed user patterns.

Simple Yet Effective

The Leaf Air is one hell of a product, with its minimalistic design and sleep aesthetic, making the competitions’ products seem pre-historic! Its light-weight, curved design enables it to blend in with the surroundings, while successfully concealing the cutting-edge technology within. Equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Air even features an IR control to ensure that users can automate all of their devices, no matter how old or outdated they might be. Another unique feature of air is its outer cover, a 3D access surface that that can be engaged using capacitive touch. Its One Touch and Magic Touch features allow users to begin the process of home automation almost instantaneously. Leaf’s Air has been well-engineered from the inside-out, with an upmarket design that comes in three variants, and cutting-edge home automation technology inside.

How it Works

This deceivingly simple looking device is as complex as today’s home automation systems can get, with a design that is pretty much plug & play, and software that has the ability to think for itself. The device connects to every appliance in its vicinity via specialized modules that are plugged into a switch board, with Bluetooth being the default mode connectivity between interface and the modules. The system can be operated using any Android or iOS-based smartphone, and is extremely easy to use. The Air app is so intuitive, it also provides constant information regarding humidity levels, previous settings, and so on.

Revel in the Convenience of Home Automation with the Leaf Air

Why Buy Air?

While home automation systems are manufactured by most technology brands, international and domestic, what sets Air apart is its self-learning software, which switches from active to passive home automation within three weeks! And unlike other systems are need to be fitted and installed using expensive home modifications, Air is a simple plug & play system that comes with free installation and shipping, making it not just a smart device, but a smart choice for any homeowner. All in all, the Air home automation system gives your home an upgrade that is smart, aesthetic and most-importantly, affordable.

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