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How to integrate IDM with Chrome and Firefox [ Manually ]

As you know, IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) is the best and leading Download Manager for Windows Operating  system. IDM became the best download manager because it acquires your entire internet speed when downloading a file. Probably, I must say, Windows users are lucky to have such a great Download Manager. Apart from its blazing download speed feature, another important feature of IDM is, it can download any file with any extension. It also allows the user to add more file extensions to its existing list, which make the user to download that kind of file easily from Internet. But to download any file from internet with your Chrome browser or Firefox browser, you need to integrate IDM with these browsers.

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What is the need to Integrate IDM with Chrome or Firefox ?

You might be getting a doubt, ” why to integrate IDM with our browser ? “. Most of you know this. If not, I will answer your question. IDM integration is nothing but linking IDM with your browser in the form of Extension or Add-on. This extension or add-on pings the download link of file and passes to IDM software which is installed on your computer. Now you can start downloading the file. If you don’t integrate IDM with your browsers, you cannot download the file on IDM.

Most probably, IDM itself integrates with your browser which may be Chrome or Firefox or both at the time of installation. If at all, IDM is not integrated you have to integrate IDM manually. Here I am going to show you how to integrate IDM with Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers, as these are mostly used browsers.

How to Integrate IDM with Google Chrome Web Browser ?

To integrate IDM with Chrome Browser, you have to install IDM integration extension on your chrome browser. This extension is sometimes already installed when you install IDM. If not installed follow these steps.

  • Firstly open your My computer. Navigate to the installation folder of IDM.
  • Most probably it will be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager”, if your O.S drive is C drive. Check it once.
  • After opening, notice the .crx file “IDMGCExt.crx” in the installation folder of IDM.
  • Open Google Chrome, Click on menu on top right corner. Navigate to “Settings” option. Select “extensions”.
  • Nov drag and drop the crx file into the Google Chrome extensions screen.
  • The extension is installed and Now IDM is integrated with Google Chrome.

integrate idm

How to Integrate IDM with Firefox Web Browser ?

  • Same as like for Google Chrome.
  • Locate “idmmzcc.xpi” file and right click on it.
  • Open it with Mozilla Firefox.
  • You will get an installation screen.
  • Install the extension.
  • That’s it. Now IDM is integrated with Firefox browser.

In this way, you can inteegrate IDM with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers manually and download any file with IDM. Hope you liked the post.

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