How to remove inbuilt apps in iphone

iPhone makers deploy many inbuilt apps at factory. Apps related to stock market and other stuff are of least use to most the people. Many people feel these apps very annoying. If you are one of them and you want to get rid of these annoying apps, here is the solution.

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Hope you know how to create folders in your iPhone. If not, go through this to create folders Click and hold on an app. You can see that all the apps are floating. Now you can move the apps where ever you want. Drag the app on to other and you can see that they together make a folder and you can give a name to it like “Don’t touch”.

Hope you know how to create multiple windows in a single folder. If not, go through this to create multiple windows. Hold an app and drag it to right side inside the folder. It will create another window, just drop the app there. You can observe two dots when you open the folder. Each dot will indicate a window.

Most of the iPhone users know how to do these above two things.

How to remove inbuilt apps in iPhone SE/5S/6S and other models

Now let us see how to hide those annoying apps. While moving the app from one window to other window inside the folder, just press the home button. Magic..!!

Yes, it is really a magic. The app which is troubling you is no more visible to you and the problem is solved. What if you do a mistake and hide your most wanted app or your friends did this on your phone to prank you?

Don’t worry. Still there is a way to access your hidden app. Use your search bar and type the name of your app and it will be displayed. Feeling good..!!

If you have that one friend who always wants your iphone to play and you do not want to uninstall that game, you can just hide it. This works only when one do not know much about iphone and its most powerful search feature.

What if you want to unhide those inbuilt apps?

Yes, you can unhide the apps by rebooting your iphone, because you are just hiding them. But still they consume memory, since they are inbuilt apps. If you want to complete delete those apps, you need to modify iOS. Master the iOS course and modify it, then you can delete those apps if you are really capable of. If not just follow this and save your phone and time.

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