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How to use VPN in Windows Phone 8.1/10? Unblock websites using VPN

VPN is Virtual Private Network. VPN allows to send and receive data across public networks as if they are directly sent on private network. A VPN sends and retrieves data via virtual IP address hiding the actual IP address. VPN uses other location and hides actual location. Using VPN is the best way to unblock any website which are blocked by your ISP or blocked by the region which may be country or a state. With VPN, your browsing history will not reach your ISP. So your ISP will not track your every move. Sometimes when you are in school or office, Your school or office may restrict you from accessing some sites. In this situation, VPN is very helpful to break the restrictions.

use VPN in Windows Phone

This VPN option is available in all types of smartphones. Android smartphones has third party applications in play store. Windows Phone has inbuilt option to configure VPN in Windows Phone. Here I am going to explain, how to  configure VPN in Windows Phone using a third party application. Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree is the third party application, we are using here to configure and use VPN in Windows Phone.

Requirements to use VPN in Windows Phone.

Here are the requirements, you should have to use VPN on Windows Phone.

  • Windows Phone with internet access.

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Let’s see how to use VPN in Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 :

  • To use VPN in Windows Phone, first we need to download a third party application, Hotspot Shield from the Store.
  • Download Hotspot Shield app from this link.
  • Open the app and connect with Microsoft account.
  • You will get a popup asking to install the VPN certificate. Install the certificate.
  • While installing, you will be asked for username and password. Leave them blank and click on install.
  • That’s it. Now you are all set to use VPN in Windows Phone.
  • To activate VPN, Open Settings and navigate to VPN.
  • You will find Hotspot Shield. Tap on that.
  • You will get connected to VPN. Now you can browse anonymously breaking all restrictions.
  • Here are screen shots. Have a look.


use VPN in Windows Phone use VPN in Windows Phone use VPN in Windows Phone

Final Words :

Use VPN in Windows Phone and unblock all blocked and restricted sites by your ISP or your institution. Once you configure, you can ON or OFF VPN with one tap just like WiFi and Bluetooth

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Anil Reddy Tirugudu


  • hi i understood the method of installing but hot spot shield vPN certificate will expire on some date and cannot access after that again i must reinstall by rebooting my phone, kindly advice me how to use it like android phone hot spot shield which doesnt ask for any ceritificate.

    • Hotspot Shield is a free version and there will be no expiry date for the certificate.