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Increase RAM in Android Phone/Device with SD Card

Android is a great platform to play and use high memory games in any manner either in legal way or illegal way. In the sense, Android users can play high memory games on their small device with small tricks. Due to lack of RAM, Android users might not be able to run some useful apps on your device. Here is a perfect solution to increase RAM on Android using SD card or Memory Card. Note that this solution works on any Android Phone/Device including any Tablet.

Why to increase RAM in Android Phone/Device ?

Some of the old Android versions like Gingerbread, Honeycomb and also IceCream Sandwich came up with less internal RAM and not suits today’s Applications. By running today’s applications on these devices, processor may lag and the device may slow down. Instead of buying a new gadget with the same O.S, you can use the below trick and increase RAM in Android and run high memory Apps on your Android device without any lag. Also you can play high graphic games on your low end device without crashing. Here is the best working method to increase RAM on Android Mobile/device.

How to increase RAM in Android phone/device using ROEHSOFT RAM expander ?

Before you proceed, make sure you meet the requirements described below.

  • ROEHSOFT RAM expander.
  • Rooted android device.
  • Class 4 micro SD card. ( recommended )

Increase RAM in Android using ROEHSOFT App.

Roehsoft RAM expander is an amazing app which allows the user to partition the SD Card in the android mobile like hard disk and allows the user to use the partitioned memory as extended RAM for the android device. In the sense, if you have larger SD Card, you can have more virtual RAM for your device.

Download ROEHSOFT RAM expander for your android rooted phone.

  • After installing the app, run the app.
  • Select the language for the first time, if asked.
  • Select the swap size, which is your virtual RAM.
  • The maximum memory you can use for virtual RAM is 4 GB. Select the required memory depending on your SD Card size.

increase ram

  • After selecting swap file size, select Swap active option.
  • Wait till your swap file is created for your selected size.

That’s it. Now you are all set to increase RAM in Android Mobile/device. Now play high memory games and apps on your low end Android Phone/device by increasing RAM in your Android device.

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