iPad Air 3 Release date, features

With 2015 September event, a group of tablet fans were left disappointed. Even though a larger variant of Apple tablets – the iPad Pro has been unveiled, still the fan group who prefer a square shaped 9.7 inch tablet more wasn’t satisfied. iPad Air 3 was supposed to be released through September event 2015 but it hasn’t – does it necessarily mean the release would be postponed for another year?

While many people believe there’s not going to be anymore new iPads this year, some sources say there is soon going to be another event to mark the launch of iPad Air 3. That could be held sometime around late 2015 or early 2016, but an iPad Air 3 will be launched and iPad Pro doesn’t draw the ending line to the existing 9.7 inch tablet lineup from Apple.

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iPad Air 3 Release date, features

iPad Air 3 Release Date

Usually, the unveiling event of an iPad is supposed to be taking place around September along with the iPhone. This year the schedule didn’t change but the tablet itself did – it’s now a whooping larger 12.7 inch iPad Pro instead of an iPad Air 3 that most people expected. Hence, there’s no specific date regarding the iPad Air 3 release. Spectators expect there could be another event in a close timeline; not solely for the iPad Air 3 but the announcement just take place through that even. On calendar timeline, it could either be late 2015 around November or December or during the Q1 of 2016 – within March.

iPad Air 3 Features

The display is going to be 9.7 inches, like the two previous generations of iPad Air. Both those generations offered a square shaped aspect ratio as Apple users prefers it that way. Reading books, emails or working on office tasks is easier on a 4:3 aspect ratio, it also offers more space on the display to explore other features. The iPad Air 3 is going to keep it the same – the only change might be a higher 4k resolution display.

Sony has already introduced a 4k display in their Xperia Z5 Premium handset, proofing that it’s not impossible to do such. The battery life won’t be affected much, neither the performance takes a downfall. 4k resolution on a 9.7 inch display actually makes sense for added sharpness and details in crystal clarity.

On the hardware end, the CPU would probably be an Apple A9X. These ‘X’ suffix Apple CPUs are basically designed for iPads for extended period of operation and better cooling capability under more stress. However, the amount of RAM is still in confusion. 2 GB would be the wiser bet, but for an upgrade Apple could opt for 3 or even 4 GB of RAM. With desktop class CPU architecture and app environment, it is crucial to have higher RAM for better multitasking and faster operation.

Storage options are most probably staying the same the iPhone options – 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Apple should really reconsider about the base model – 16 GB storage on an Apple tablet shouldn’t even exist. 64 GB should be the minimal base model storage.

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Everything else is still subject to a lot of changes – in fact, there isn’t much on the iPad Air 3 on the air yet for us to state.


iPad Air 3 is the latest installment in the mainstream Apple tablet lineup – Apple wouldn’t discontinue this series just yet without a proper farewell. Until then, hold your horses people!

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