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Windows 10 Technical Preview users might not be happy with Windows 10 for some reasons. One of the reason I heard mostly is that Windows 10 Mobile O.S is a battery drainer operating system. Basically this battery draining issue is mostly seen in low end Lumia devices like Lumia 520, Lumia 620, and some other phones with less battery. Usually a new operating system consumes more battery than previous O.S because a new O.S comes with new features and new apps and services running background which consumes lot of battery. When coming to low end Lumia like my Lumia 520 provided with 1400 maH battery, such phones sustains for atmost 12-14 hours on full charging when a new O.S upgrade is installed. To overcome this issue, I have tried some tips which improved my device battery life to 1 and half day on full charge.

3 killer tips to improve battery life in

Here are some working tips to increase your battery life upto more than 1 day even for a low end Lumia device like Lumia 520. This post is helpful for all Lumia users who are dying of lack of battery. And more useful for Windows 10 mobile previewers.

3 Killer Tips to Improve Battery life in Lumia devices :

Tip 1 : Whenever you upgrade your phone, reset your phone after upgrading. This improves the battery life of your Lumia to a great extent. When you reset your Lumia, all garbage and app data will be removed and your device performance as well as battery life will be improved.

Tip 2 :  Set your device brightness to “Automatic” instead of High, Low, Medium. Here is the secret for improvement in battery life when set to Automatic. When you set to High, Low or Medium brightness, and lock your screen, the brightness level is fixed even when device is locked. For example, when device brightness is set to “Low”, the brightness will be 20 %. When you lock your phone, the brightness will be also 20 %. When you set to “Automatic” and the device is locked, the brightness will be set to 0 % until the device is unlocked. So set your device brightness to “Automatic” to improve battery life of your Lumia.

Tip 3 :  This is the best tip to improve battery life which I use and most of you not use. This is the killer tip to increase your battery life to a great extent. Turning on Battery Saver always, will improve battery life to a great extent.  Turn on the battery saver always which limits functionality of Apps. Don’t worry. You can run apps always even when battery saver is on. Set your required apps to run background even when battery saver is on.

These are the three killer tips I am using to improve battery life of my Lumia 520 and these tips worked for me. Try the tips and comment your views.

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