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Does Netflix Have a Download Limit?

Netflix download limit

Does Netflix Have a Download Limit?

At the end of the previous year, Netflix provided download support for the majority of its content. It was something many people were waiting for, and the addition is considered slightly late. Regardless, it is appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there’s a catch to Netflix’s download support. This would be that some content can be downloaded only a specific number of times. This is something the consumer isn’t told about, until they reach their download limit.

Thus, content can only be downloaded to a certain limit. In Netflix terms, this is called “renews.”

Also, there’s an expiration date for some content. For example, if you don’t watch a movie before a specific date, you might have to re-download it. Periods for watching could be as low as 2 days.

Your Downloads are Limited by License Agreements…

While Netflix doesn’t enforce direct limits on the number of videos you can download, some licensing agreements between Netflix and some studios enforce such limits.

You’ll see that if you receive an error that states “You have downloaded too many videos.” This indicates that you have reached a limit on a certain TV show, enforced by a license agreement.

Occasional Log-ins are Necessary – And Some Titles do Expire.

Netflix has a help file, with a little font print in it. It talks about how titles can expire as a result of license agreements with other companies, which lease their content to Netflix. Sometimes, titles expiring within 1 week will present you a notification for the end date on the Netflix app, within “My Downloads” page. Additionally, some titles expire in less than 2 days after you click play, which you’ll also see in the “My Downloads” area.

Thankfully, some licenses can be renewed again, so you don’t need to re-download the show. Simply head to the “My Downloads” section, and click the “!” icon for a renewal. You must be online to do that.

The bad news is, you have no way of knowing titles that are limited in their use, and titles which can be renewed. It’s a fine print drawback that most consumers don’t think of when signing up to a service.

Also, you must re-log into your Netflix account every 30 days. Your offline view mode isn’t actually what you’re supposed to use for archiving. It’s actually something that was intended for quick loading of content before long journeys, such as flights. Thus, always ensure that you reconnect every month to your Netflix account, to ensure that your offline queue stays alive.

Downloads on too Many Devices.

Netflix provides many subscription options. They range from single devices, to multiple (up to 4). But, if there are many similar downloads of similar TV movies or shows, you might receive an error such as ‘‘you have downloads on too many devices’’.

It means you have gone over the limit of how many times you can download a title on differing devices.

To download a title on multiple devices, first delete the download that is already present on a different device. Alternatively, you can pick an upgrade for your stream plan.

Remember that you’ll have to restart your app after deleting downloads. This is so that Netflix servers can change the download statuses on your subscription choice. This will increase your fresh download limit for another device.

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