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How to do Night mode browsing in Google Chrome ?

Internet is the most useful for geeks and learners. An addicted internet user will use internet till night. Since from our childhood, we have been listening that watching TV is night is bad for eyes. Same as like T.V, using laptop in night mode is not good for health as it has high brightness which will effect your eyes. This further leads to headache, blurriness and some severe problems. Then you might have a question how to browse internet in night without effecting eyes? No, problem. Here we have a solution to do night mode browsing in Google Chrome. Here is a quick guide/tutorial how to browse internet in night mode in Google Chrome web browser.

Here we are mentioning “Google Chrome”. Because many internet users and geeks use Google Chrome as it is faster and provides various extensions. This night mode browsing can be done with a simple Chrome extension “Hacker Vision”.

Night Mode Browsing with Hacker Vision on Google Chrome :

Hacker Vision is a chrome extension which helps the chrome users to do night mode browsing without effecting thei eyes. This changes the color if web pages into eye-pleasing colors. All you need to do is just installing and activating the extension. You can pause and resume the extension, whenever required.

Requirements :

  • Google Chrome browser
  • Hacker Vision extension

Before you start with, make sure you have Hacker Vision extension installed on your Google Chrome. If not click here to download. Once you installed it, you can save the site settings as in below image.

night mode browsing

Check our blog before activating hacker vision and after activating hacker vision.


night mode browsing Before

night mode browsing hacker vision


This is the best extension for night mode browsing on Google Chrome especially for geeks. Because geeks love browsing in dark. It provides privacy while browsing when some one are around you. What it does is overturns the color scheme and thus websites are browsed in night mode.

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