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PriceRaja Android app: Best Comparison App in India

PriceRaja App: Quick and Smart Online shopping tool

One of the top price comparison websites in India, PriceRaja is always ahead of its game when it comes to features and database of products. The website has launched an all new PriceRaja App for its users to get a complete and memorable shopping experience on the go. This application completely replicates the PriceRaja website in its entirety and all major features are present on the app as well. Free to download on Play Store, PriceRaja app tells you price drop of your desired products and best deals of the day through push notifications instantly. A must have for those who prefer shopping online.

Quickly Compare Prices

The main purpose of PriceRaja is to provide the best (or lowest) price by showing quick and simple price comparison of a certain product being sold on various websites. PriceRaja android app has also been designed to serve this purpose in as few clicks as possible. You can easily add two products to compare in the app with a single click on the product page. All you have to do is tap on the blue “Add to compare” button on the product landing page and select the product with which you wish to compare. The app is limited to comparing only two products at the moment, unlike the website which allows 4 products.\

priceraja review priceraja review

Extensive Deals and Coupons Section

One of the main highlights of PriceRaja is its extensive dedicated deals and coupons section that covers offers across the Internet in categories ranging from gadgets to booking flight tickets. Being one of the most sought after section, it has been integrated in the Android app as well. Therefore, the user has access to regularly updated deals section covering all e-commerce sites at the tip of his/her finger.priceraja review

Discover and Compare Products

With PriceRaja app, it is now extremely easy to research a product. No more installing separate apps for every e-commerce domain like Amazon, Myntra or Flipkart, to name a few. All you to do is to install the PriceRaja app and search the product on it. Once you have made up your mind, simply click on go to store button against your preferred website and you will be automatically redirected to the landing page. Convenient! As mentioned above, you can easily compare two products in case of confusion at any stage of your online shopping.

Views and Reviews

PriceRaja app also brings the whole information from the website to the convenience of your smartphone. This means in case you are having second thoughts about a product you have selected, you can browse through the product reviews mostly done by users as well as expert reviews to help you decide better.priceraja review

Simple and Quick

It goes without saying that PriceRaja app is pretty simple to use and also saves a lot of precious time that would have otherwise been spent on researching alternatives, best price etc. on the Internet. On PriceRaja app you are provided with all information right on a single screen. It does not matter whether you are calculative or an impulsive buyer when it comes to online shopping, PriceRaja app is a one stop solution for everyone who shops online. Undoubtedly, this app is a good way to save time and efforts if you rely upon online shopping for every single need of yours.

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