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Remix OS for PC – Multi Window Android for PC and Mac

Android, a widely used operating system is going to come in a new way from Jide. You might have used Android on PC and Mac with various third party applications. Some of them include Bluestacks, Youwave, Genymotion, Andy OS and many more. Also you might have used by android x86 OS directly. But here you are going to know about new OS which is called Remix OS for PC. The developer company of Remix OS for PC, JIDE has announced that they are going to provide Remix OS for PC and Remix OS for Mac as a free download on January 12. This Remix OS is designed to run on almost all Intel and AMD devices which include PC and Mac.

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About JIDE – Remix OS developer:

JIDE is the company started 3 years ago by ex-google employees. This Remix OS for PC and Mac was developed by them. Some of other products of JIDE include Remix Mini which is a small android device which converts your PC Screen to a multi window Android PC. This Remix OS is developed in a partnership with Android x86 project which is already well known to you.

Remix OS – All you need to know about Remix OS for PC

Android is everywhere which is known to you. This Remix OS is designed to make the Android even better. It is designed to bring Androd simplicity into productivity.


There can be no end to multitasking in Remix OS as like in PC or MAC. You can run any number of Apps and Games simultaneously on this Android OS. The number of Apps you can run depends on your CPU performance, not on OS. Remix OS calls this multitasking as Multi Window. So Remix OS for PC can be called as Multi Window Android for PC. You can run Office apps, Skype calling and much more with ease. These multiple windows are also resizable, can maximize, minimize .


New notifications can be easily managed from the system tray. For a touch screen PC, one can access notifications easily on Swiping. All notifications at one place.


Remix OS brings back the old taskbar style. Remix OS has a complete start menu like as in Windows PC and also a system tray. Start button lists all apps installed in the OS and system tray has WiFi, Bluetooth, sound, notifications and more options.

Keyboard and Right Click

Remix OS maps normal keyboard shortcuts. Like keyboard shortcuts for copy, paste and to create a new document ctrl+N is mapped directly to that operation. Right click also works on this OS which provides context menu. You can access this right click in any app throughout Remix OS.

Advanced File Manager

Remix OS include an advanced file manager with which you can access any file in the directory. Transfer files, copy, delete your files from the system. This file manager provides drag and drop feature also. You can connect external USB too to view the files.

Google Play support

You can download numerous apps and games from the play store. Discover, download your favourite apps like skype, whatsapp, games like asphalt and more. Access the pool of over 1.5 million apps and games from play store.

Remix OS updates

You can download updates for existing Remix OS over the air(OTA). Whenever an update is available, you can download the update for updater.

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Final words:

Remix OS changes the way of using Android. Remix OS for PC and Remix OS for Mac are available on January 12 for free download. The day is not too long…. I am waiting. Hope you too…

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