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Remote control PC from Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1

Have you heard of controlling PC or Laptop right from your Smart Phone? Yeah its true. It is quite simple and you can operate your entire desktop on your finger tips. Remote Control PC from Windows Phone can be done by using an app ” PC Remote”. This App is developed by PC Remote. This app works, when their server is on on your PC or Laptop.

PC remote control

Requirements :

  • Windows XP/7/8/8.1 operating system PC or Laptop.
  • Windows Phone 8 Device with “PC Remote” App installed.
  • PC Remote server installed on your PC.
  • Working Internet connection On PC.

How to remote control PC from Windows Phone :

To remote control PC from windows phone make sure that you meet the above requirements. You should have a Windows Phone device. Download “PC Remote” Application from the store. Also download PC remote server for desktop and install on the browser.

Feeling Lazy.. Then Download the app and Server with one click from the download links below.

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Download App ( .xap ) : Click here to start download

Download Server : Click here to start download


Why use PC Remote App ?

There are many reasons to use PC Remote app only while many Remote control apps are available on store. Here are the smart and useful features that you can access on this app.


  • Mouse Control : PC Remote app provides excellent mouse controlling feature to remote control PC. You can perform right click, scroll, zoom, swipe from edge operations in the app like an ordinary mouse.
  • Keyboard controls : PC Remote app uses Windows phone keyboard as computer keyboard and also provides some additional PC keys like Crtl, Shift, Alt and other special keys.
  • Complete control PC from your Mobile.
  • Volume control, PowerPoint remote, Windows Media Player control, VLC control, direct YouTube, iTunes, Winamp, Zune are cool features of PC Remote app.
  • File Access: You can access files from your Windows Phone which are present on your PC Hard disk. ( PRO )
  • You can create hotspot with Server application and connect to the hotspot.
  • You can copy and paste text from Phone to PC.

Here are the steps you must follow to remote control PC from Windows Phone :

  • Download “PC Remote” Windows Phone app on your device.
  • Download server on your PC.
  • Install and launch the server.

Remote control PC from windows phone

  • Switch to hotspot tab. Set a secure key and start hotspot.

Remote control PC from windows phone

  • Now connect to HotSpot on your Phone and open the app.

Remote control PC from windows phone

  • Click on “Add Computer” and add the IP address provided, when you have started hotspot.

Remote control PC from windows phone

  • Now you have connected your Windows Phone to PC.
  • Go though the options and select desktop if you want to see desktop.

Remote control PC from windows phone

Conclusion :

Go pro version to access your PC from any where. This PC Remote app is most useful to manage files on your PC from anywhere. This is the most popular app in windows phone store in this category.

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