Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

Samsung has always been known to release phones which are packed with great features. It has gone on to innovate completely new features which we previously thought as impossible. Samsung has pioneered the smartphone arena by launching phones in all range and varieties. Unlike its rival and fierce competitor Apple, Samsung has phones ranging in all the budgets. It has great budget phones and killer flagship phones which have survived Samsung from many years. Having good features in a phone is vital to make the most out of it because you shell out your money for the same. The latest addition in the Note family from Samsung is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6. It extends the already existing range of phablets which are meant for doing multi-purpose tasks.

Let’s see the most promising features in Samsung’s new offering Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 features – Most Promising

Fast charging technology

Our most important concern while buying a smartphone is how long it will last until it loses out its battery. Of course it would depend on how powerful your battery is but Samsung has figured out a completely new way to make sure you don’t waste too much time in charging your phone. It has introduced a new fast charging technology which will charge the phone around 50% faster than the normal charger. This also helps us spend less time charging our phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 comes with a 4500 mAh battery so you are assured of a great battery life with the phone. Even if you consume all the battery within a short span of time, the fast charging technology will let you charge your phone to its full power within minutes.

4k Foldable display

One of the main features of the Note range of devices was that it has huge displays with fantastic resolutions. With Samsung Galaxy Note 6, they are planning to add a 4k display which will probably the most number of pixels ever packed into a phone. Apart from being 4k, it is said that this display will be foldable. It will be interesting to see how foldable the device is but the feature sounds amazing.

Stylus with voice command

A new feature that Samsung is working on is to get the stylus out with just voice commands or gestures. We don’t need the stylus all the time so we can have it on demand whenever we want just with our voice. With just a voice command, press of a button or maybe a small gesture, it will pop out the stylus from the compartment in the phone. These are some cool new features being added in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The features also give competition to the to-be launched iPhone 8. It will be the flagship phone from Apple and it will make sure it comes out with some innovative features too. We have to wait and watch till both the phones are launched to the public so that we can have a detailed comparison of their features.

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