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Generally many blogs use different themes or templates for blogger and WordPress. To use the same theme on your blog, you have to know the theme or template name of the blog which may be either in blogger or WordPress. This theme detector helps in searching for the required theme by name on Google. But how to know the theme name of the theme that is using on a particular site. It is quite simple with theme detector for WordPress. Follow these steps to detect the theme using on a particular site.

Identify whether the site is on Blogger or WordPress:

First of all, to get started with theme detector, you have to know whether the blog Is on blogger platform or WordPress platform. It is quite easy to identify. Blog can be identified by seeing permalinks or by looking source code of any page of the particular blog.

  • If you find terms like “wp-content” and “wp-includes” and some other terms with prefix wp in source code, then the blog is on WordPress.
  • If you don’t find them in source code, then the blog is on  Blogger platform.

Now after finding the platform of the site, follow these steps.

Theme Detector for Blogger:

Follow this if the site is on blogger platform.

  • First load the site on a new tab of your browser.
  • After loading the site, right anywhere on the site.
  • Select “view source” option form the context menu.
  • Now the source code of the home page of the site is loaded.
  • Press Crtl+F to find the term.
  • Now search for “Blogger Template” or “Blogger Template Style ” and press enter.
  • You will find the name of template in comments as shown below.

blooger theme detector

  • Search for template and download and apply for your blog.

Remember, there is no official theme detector for blogger. This is the unofficial theme detecting process. It works for 99 percent of blogs.

Theme Detector for WordPress:

Follow this if the site is on WordPress Platform.

  • Load the site and copy the URL of the site.
  • Log on to WPThemeDetector on your browser.
  • Paste the copied site URL in the given field ( Site to check ).
  • Click on “Experience the magic of WPTD” to perform theme detection.

theme detector wordpress


  • You will find the theme name and website link for theme.

theme detector wordpress

  • Search and download the theme and apply for your blog.
  • Happy blogging.

WPTD is the most useful theme detector for WordPress. It also provides the link, where you can get this theme.

You should check thrive themes review also which will guide you good information about best WordPress themes.

Conclusion :

With these theme detectors, you can detect any template name or theme name of the site. Although blogger doesn’t have official theme detector, the above provided technique works well. WordPress have WPTD to detect the theme of a particular site.

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