Tob brands and their USP: Calling tablets

Tob brands and their USP: Calling tablets 3Tablets came into existence and became more popular after the invention of smart phone operating systems. These are more handy and easy to use. Firstly these tablets came into market without SIM. Later on some brands introduced new model tablets into market with SIM capability. These tablets supporting SIM are often called as calling tablets as they enabled the user to make calls. The SIM less tablets also enabled calling but not with SIM, they enabled calling with Wi-Fi and 3G dongle. Now we have many calling tablets of various brands working on various operating systems like Android and Windows and Windows phone. At present, a calling tablet is available from Rs.3500 onwards.

Top brands of calling tablets :

Basically, these calling tablets were introduced into market by BSNL in India. Apart from BSNL, many to brands also introduced tablets into markets with more and more features. Each brand came up with a unique service point to attract users.

Apple :

The most popular brand is Apple. It has introduced calling tablets which were called as iPad. The USP of Apple’s iPad is it’s operating system, look and its hardware. As Apple enjoys monopoly, no similar kind of devices available in the market. Thus Apple stands first in top brands. But as they are not called as Tablets, we can exclude this from this list.

Samsung :

The next leading brand in manufacturing electronic gadgets is a south Korean company Samsung. One must agree that Samsung can make any new gadget in less time, because after the launch of Android,  Samsung has manufactured almost 50 + models with a new feature in every device. Now recently Samsung launched, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Apart from smartphones, Samsung also focused alot on Calling Tablets under the series, Galaxy Tab. These tablets clicked alot at the time of launch for few years.

calling tablets


But even though they released many models, they are unique. Samsung tablets have a specialty. That is it’s AMOLED display, which is not seen even in iOS devices. This stands as a unique feature in Samsung calling Tablets.

Micromax :

Like Samsung, Micromax also manufactured many tablets frequently. But the one of main difference is Samsung users it’s own launcher Touchwiz, where as Micromax uses stock android operating system, which uses default android launcher.


Micromax tablets are very cheap and affordable. So these devices became popular. The uniqueness in Micromax devices is, this brand uses stock Android O.S without any third party launchers.

Apart from the above brands, they’re are many other brands like Karbonn, VoX, Nokia, Asus, Dell, Lenovo any many other small brands. The calling tablets from these brands are also affordable like Micromax.

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