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Top 5 Best Ways to Call Online for Free

With everything going online these days, we all need apps to help us make free calls as well. Messaging changed to instant messaging with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, etc; why not make call online for free too?

Let us reduce our phone bills and go for apps which let us to call free. The phone sizes have reduced to a pocket size but bills only increase. However, we have reached such a high level of advancement that there is always a way out for everything we want. In fact we can even call online using Gmail for free of cost.

Calling online for free basically means the use of apps for calls. Hence, here is a list of five apps you can use to make free online calls:


Of course this has to be the first on our list. Skype is a video calling application; but if you need free calls and no video, you can simply turn off the video and enjoy uninterrupted voice calls!


This app for online calling is the best when it comes to conference calls. The free calls are restricted between the users while on mobile or landline they are chargeable. The UI for Fring isn’t like that of Viber or Skype, hence you need to tell them to download the app.


This is yet another perfect combination of an app meant for both voice calls and video calls. Not to forget the range of stickers and ad ons it has to offer while texting. The entire set up of the app can be confusing at times, but when you can make free calls, does it really matter?

Facebook Messenger

All of use facebook messenger these days; or at least most of us do. The calls are completely free. All you need is to be logged in while you want to make a call and the person you wish to talk must be online as well. The only backlash is there is no spontaneity, but then it isn’t any emergency; if it is for free, you can wait!


FaceTime for iPhone users is the ultimate calling app. For 4S users, the calls can be made over WiFi, while other apple users can make free calls on either their cellular network or Wi-Fi. FaceTime Audio is an ideal app for users with iOS 7 and above installed on their phones!

So this was all on calling online for free! The free online calls aren’t restricted to the above said apps, you have options to choose from which includes WhatsApp calling, Rebetel and many more! Stop worrying over phone bills, and switch to online calls! You may head over to to Android related tips n tricks.

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