5+1 different traffic generation methods for your new blog

Traffic generation is the main problem for new bloggers who has just entered into blogging world. New bloggers always try to get traffic by sharing on social media only. They feel that it is the main source of traffic. But no, there are many ways for generating or boosting your blog traffic. Even though the content is well written, you might struggle in exposing the content to the world. Boosting Blog Traffic is not a difficult thing and of course not an easy thing. There are many ways to generate traffic to the new blog. Here I have categorized those many ways into six different traffic generation methods.6 Different Methods for Blog traffic generation for new blogs

5+1 different traffic generation methods for new blogs

Referral Traffic

This is the first traffic generation method for new blog. Because you cannot get traffic from search immediately. New bloggers believe and follow this strategy to expose the blog. OK, this process of optimizing blog posts in such a way to get maximum social or referral traffic is Social Media Optimization or Social Media Marketing. Learn this SMM/SMO for your referral traffic. Usually Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and finally Pinterest are used for referral traffic. Use these five big networks to get a good amount of referral traffic to your blog. Blog rank doesn’t matter for this type of traffic generation. If the content is good and addictive, you can drive huge referral traffic.

Direct Traffic

Name itself indicates traffic is direct without referring by any website. Direct traffic is of course time taking. Direct traffic includes directory submission and through email marketing. Grow your email list and start email marketing by sending newsletters to your subscribers which will drive direct traffic to the blog. Submit the new blog to directories which will give you traffic and also backlinks.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is just buying traffic by advertising media. If you can spend few bucks, you can get the traffic to your blog. Main platform for buying traffic is through Facebook. Start a Facebook advert campaign for your blog within your budget to reach the blog to many people. Another source is use Google Adwords campaign to advertise on Google search engine with in a region or global. The cost may vary depending on your requirement of post reach. You can advertise even on some other websites which drive you traffic.

Search Traffic or Organic Traffic

This is the genuine traffic that you get through search engine. This traffic depends on how your article is optimized for search engine on-page and off-page. Learn SEO On-Page and Off-Page optimization. Get high quality authority links. Write quality content after doing good keyword research. Use powerful low competition keywords to rank better on google. If you are not good in doing that, you can hire a consultant and get it done for you.

Forum traffic and Q & A

This will also help you in generating good amount of traffic. Join your niche related forums and share your content in the forum wherever necessary. But don’t share unnecessary content. You will be banned from forum. Usually this traffic can be generated for PC solutions and fixes niche. Apart from forums, you can drive traffic from Q & A sites like yahoo and Quora. Just post your link containing answer for the question. You are done. You will get a good amount of traffic.

Social Bookmarking site Traffic.

Yes, this is the traffic which can drive huge amount of traffic. Some of the social bookmarking sites are reddit, stumbleupon, digg. These sites drive a very good amount of traffic. But you must receive enough karma or reputation to drive huge traffic. Here I am going to introduce a new website Bouncing Bubble ( which is also a social bookmarking site like reddit. But why should you prefer Bouncing Bubble is, Reddit drives good traffic but it takes time to generate traffic because you have to earn good karma score. It is difficult for newbie to get that karma. So prefer Bouncing Bubble which is a free web directory for all bloggers and geeks.

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