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Unique features that can be observed in Microsoft Phones

Lumia is the trending series with trending Windows Phone/Mobile Operating System. From Windows Phone 8 version, Lumia series became crazy gadgets from Nokia and now from Microsoft. Simply for a person it is hard to change to another platform from Windows Phone. But why? Do you know reason behind this? Yes, There are many unique features that can be observed in Microsoft Phones or Windows Phones. Now in this article, you will find those unique features that can be observed in Windows Phone when compared to other O.S.

Unique Features observed in Microsoft Phones

Unique Features observed in Microsoft Phones or Windows Phone


  • Microsoft/Lumia provides best class camera with best sensors and imaging technologies.
  • A camera button will be provided which is dedicated, on PureView devices.
  • PureView devices are offered mostly by Nokia/Microsoft.
  • PureView devices are provided with Dolby Digital audio for playing videos.
  • 1 HAAC mic is provided on CarlZiess lens equipped phones and 5 HAAC directional mics on PureView devices.
  • Also PureView flagship devices provide dynamic flash, reframing, Xenon flashes on select models, and best low-light performances and much more.
  • Microsoft Phones provide best stock camera or default camera with full manual control over ISO, Shutter speed, Manual exposure, manual focus, inbuilt HDR, white balance.

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  • Windows Phone operating system is designed with nice start screen with solid backgrounds and transparent backgrounds.
  • Accent colours are visible everywhere in the phone from settings page to all apps which provide consistent look for the user.
  • The most awesome feature under personalisation is Live Tiles. This is the major unique feature in Windows Phone OS. Live Tiles provides and updates information related to the app without opening the app. So no power is consumed for the app as the app is not opened to check the information.

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Sync your life

  • Microsoft provides apps that make you sync your life with the apps. Outlook, Onedrive, Skype, and much more apps will make your data available across all other devices.
  • You can even sync app data, settings and many things between Windows PC and Windows Phone.

Easy to use

  • Wireless charging allows you to charge your phone without connecting a wire. This feature is available on selected Microsoft flagships.
  • Fully Offline Maps and Navigation. You no need to connect to internet to load maps. Download once, use anywhere.
  • You can keep track of your lost phone, ring, erase data and find your lost phone location. Use these features with Lost My Phone feature in Windows Phone.
  • Kids corner lets you restrict apps for your child so that child cannot use all apps. Apps corner allows you to create a new start screen with selected apps.
  • Swipe keyboard makes your type easier.
  • Windows Phone Data Sense is the cool app which tracks the usage of Data and Wi-Fi. You can find near by Wi-Fi shared and connect to them with Data Sense.
  • Connect a keyboard or mouse or an external screen which makes your phone a PC with a Continuum Dock in Windows 10 Mobile.

The best Voice Assistant ever – CORTANA

  • Reminds you about your appointments, SMS alert, Missed call alert.
  • Reminds you about stuff, you want to track.
  • Opens applications and works for programmed user commands.
  • Sends messages for you and calls a person for you.
  • CORTANA will take notes and remainders and saves it and reminds you at specified time.
  • CORTANA will find the route and navigates to that place.
  • Shuffle, plays, pauses music, Sends mail for you.
  • Searches web for a query and responds for every query.

XBOX integration

  • XBOX games on Windows Phone lets you sync your scores, achievements and compete with friends and global leaderboard.
  • With XBOX music, videos, you can buy your favourite music and play on the device.

No lag operating system

  • Windows Phone device will not lag even after long time usage. It works as it worked in beginning. Even a low end 512 MB RAM Lumia can run large games like Asphalt with no lag.
  • Applications run in isolated sandbox so that they are not infected with malware and virus.
  • Supports high range SD cards. Theoritically 2TB SDcard.
  • App lifecycle is managed automatically to ensure smooth operation.

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