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Viber Wink – Send “disappearing messages”

Viber, one of the messaging apps announced a new Viber companion app Viber Wink. Wink will allows the user to send disappearing messages. Disappearing messages in the sense, the message will disappear/expire automatically after specified number of seconds. This time limit can be set by sender. But this Viber Wink allows only images and videos as a disappearing message. Wink allows users to capture a photo or video with the device and set the number of seconds for which it should be visible for receiving person. It can be 1,3,5,7 which can be maximum of 10 seconds.

What is Viber Wink?

Viber Wink is a instant simple camera app with which you can capture photos and videos and you can send to others. Whenever the receiver receives and when the message is seen it will disappear.  Wink allows you to add text to photo or video just like snapchat. You might be remembering Snapchat which uses the same features of disappearing messages but with minor changes. Along with these Snapchat, Wink, Popular Telegram Messenger also comes under this ephemeral messaging apps.

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Viber Wink description in Play Store and App Store

Viber Wink lets you send photo & video messages that disappear after they have been viewed.

Some moments are meant to be shared only once, then forgotten. Forever! Take your picture or video with Viber Wink, set a time limit for it, then share with your friends on Viber. Once the recipient has seen your message it will disappear – unless they take a screenshot of course 😉

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How to use Viber Wink to send disappearing messages.

  • Download Wink.
  • Select the conversation and choose “send a wink”.
  • Capture a photo/video.
  • Tap on the timer and select the number of seconds for which it should be visible for receiver
  • Now send the Wink to the contact.


Viber Wink works on only Android and iOS for now that too for versions above 5.7. Windows Phone users should wait for some more time.

Download Viber Wink for Android and iOS 

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