You Can Now Get Offline Music On Your Apple Devices!(iphone, ipad, ipod Touch)

offline music on your Apple devices

Through the iCloud Music Library, you can collect massive amounts of songs and store them in a relatively small storage capacity. Of course, downloading songs one by one is tough, and so you need a solution to help you download all the songs you need to your iPhone, for offline use. There is a way to do so, but that will require your computer’s iTunes. So in this article, we’ll offer you a solution on how you could make the music available you’ve stored on your apple device, while making them accessible offline through Apple Music.

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You can download the music to your iPhone for offline use, because it helps save space on your cellular phone. Thus, your iPhone has improved performance, and won’t be over-stressed when you’re using it for other activities while listening. Additionally, the phone will have a better battery life, which allows you to listen to music longer. In short, download the music if the storage capacity is available.

If there is a large collection on your phone, you’ll need a while to fully download everything. For that, you have to make sure that your iPhone is plugged in during the download period. Also, turn off your auto-lock.

For maximum success, your phone must have an iCloud Music Library active on iTunes. This will be for both your iPhone and your computer. If your Apple Music is already active on your phone, then this means that iCloud Music Library should have already been switched on.

How to Use iTunes to Get Apple Music Downloaded to iPhone.

iTunes to Get Apple Music

Start iTunes on the computer.
• Choose File at the top, then New, and then Smart Playlist. A box should show up.
• Check Leave Match and Music.
• Pick Time from the 2nd dropdown box. Pick Is Greater Than through the 2nd.
Type 00:00. This means all of your music will be added, since any songs is larger than 0 seconds.
Uncheck Limit to.
Live Updating should be checked, allowing newer songs from the iCloud Music Library to be downloaded.
Check the lower example for clarification.
• A name should be given to the playlist.
• Since iCloud Music Library is enabled through your iPhone and computer, pick up the iPhone and start the Music app.
• Choose My Library. Choose Playlists. Select the playlist recently made through iTunes.
• Click the cloud icon with a down-pointing arrow on the playlist’s top part. It should be close to the album art. Doing so will start the download of all your music.
• Based on the collection’s size, you’ll need a while before finishing the download. Just make sure that your auto-lock is switched off, and that your iPhone is plugged into a charger while downloading.

How You Should View Music on Your Apple Device.

We’ll provide you the best way to see your music offline, regardless of the type of Apple device you are using.

This can be easily done through Apple Music. This stream service allows you accessibility to the entire catalog of iTunes, at least for the majority of the time. Thus, you don’t have to worry about being connected to an internet, or usage of cellphone data. You can also check the music that has been locally stored on your Apple devices. We’ll show you a fast way to check your playlist tracks, and also how you can remove them if you don’t need the music.

View songs saved locally to your iphone.

  1. Start the Musicapp through the home screen.
  2. Click on My Music.
  3. Pick a view type dropdown(it’s called “Albums” as default) which is mid-screen.
  4. Change Show Music Available Offlineon at the popup’s bottom.
  5. To revert that, click again on the dropdown again switch off Show Music Available Offline.

You can actually tell if you have locally stored albums or playlists after downloading through the previous instructions. This can be done without even activating the “Show Music Available Offline”. You simply need to view the playlist or album. If what you’re viewing has been saved offline, then you get a grey phone icon on the screen’s up-right corner.

How songs can be removed from your device.

  1. Ensure that the Show Music Available Offlineis activated.
  2. Switch the view type of dropdown to what you want to delete. This can be anything from specific songs, to entire albums and genres.
  3. Click the Morebutton (has this icon for it •••)
  4. Click Remove Downloads.


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